Earthquake in Jixian County Seismological Bureau of Sichuan Province: The region may still occur 4-5 in the near future


Sichuan Online News (Reporter Fu Zhenqing) According to the China Seismological Network, a 5.3-magnitude earthquake occurred at 8:48 on January 3 in Jixian County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province (28.20 degrees north latitude, 104.86 degrees east longitude) with a focal depth of 15 kilometers. .

At 10:40 on the 3rd, the Sichuan Earthquake Administration held a news briefing to inform the relevant situation.

Earthquake in Jixian County Seismological Bureau of Sichuan Province: The region may still occur 4-5 in the near future -Earthquake-in-Jixian-County-Seismological-Bureau-of-Sichuan-Province-The-region-may-still-occur-4-5-in-the-near-future

According to the report, the epicenter of the earthquake is located near Diandong Town, Jixian County, 30 km from Jixian County, 34 km from Qilian County, 39 km from Xingwen County, 43 km from Changning County, and 65 km from Yibin City. Chongqing is 224 kilometers. The villages within 5 kilometers of the surrounding area include Qixing Village, Yuhe Miao Nationality, Yangjia Village, Xiyang Village, Fenghuang Village, Datian Village, Chenyu Village, Guosi Village, Zhoucun and Muchang Bay. The towns and towns within 20 km have Yuhe. Miao nationality town, Yuxiu Miao nationality town, Shangluo town, Didong town, Zhoujia town, Caoying township, Luobiao town, Xiaoer town, Luohai town, Meilong town. When the earthquake is strong, the earthquakes in Chengdu, Yibin, Leshan, Zigong, Meishan and Neijiang are obvious, and there is also a sense of earthquake in Chongqing.

The Emergency Management Department, the China Earthquake Administration, and the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government attach great importance to it. The Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government instructed the Sichuan Earthquake Administration to form a joint working group with the Provincial Emergency Management Office to go to the earthquake zone to coordinate with the local government for earthquake relief.

The Sichuan Earthquake Administration immediately launched an earthquake emergency plan, decided to implement a level 3 response, and reported the initial earthquake situation, disaster situation and emergency response work to the emergency headquarters of the China Earthquake Administration through the video connection of the emergency command technology system; Work meeting, arrange the deployment of emergency response tasks; immediately assign the local earthquake prevention and disaster reduction department to the earthquake zone to investigate the earthquake situation; dispatch a field working group led by deputy director Lei Jian to the earthquake zone, composed of 30 experts and technicians. Carrying instruments and equipment in the earthquake zone to organize earthquake site work such as earthquake monitoring, earthquake tracking monitoring, and intensity survey; organize experts to conduct emergency analysis and discussion on the earthquake situation, and the earthquake-induced structure and post-earthquake trend of the earthquake Conducting research and judgment, experts believe that there may still be a strong earthquake of magnitude 4-5 in the region in the near future. In addition, relevant seismic monitoring stations are required to strengthen the earthquake monitoring of the earthquake and closely monitor the development of the earthquake situation in the earthquake zone.

According to the report of the relevant local government departments: there is a collapse of houses in Didong Town, Yuhe Township and Shangluo Town, and there are cracks in the houses of Shuanghe Township. There is a crack in the office building of Shangmao Town Government. The earth and stone of the cubic meters slipped. After the 5.7-magnitude earthquake of Xingwen on December 16, 2018, 130 villagers who had moved out of D-class dangerous houses have not moved back and the personnel are safe. At present, traffic and communications in the earthquake zone are basically normal, and no casualties have been reported.

The relationship between the 5.3-magnitude earthquake in Jixian County and the 5.7-magnitude earthquake in Xingwen on December 16 last year.

According to Du Fang, a researcher at the Sichuan Earthquake Prediction Research Center, the epicenters of the two earthquakes are about 9 kilometers apart and are in the same seismic region. According to the current situation, the mechanism of the two earthquakes is different. The Xingwen 5.7 earthquake is a strike-slip earthquake. The Jixian 5.3 earthquake is a thrust type. The geological structure in this area is relatively complicated, the scale of the fault zone is relatively small, and the possibility of a larger magnitude earthquake is less likely.


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