The Modern Woman of Wellness will feature 6 exceptional keynote speakers who are leaders in their field. You will leave with an abundance of empowering knowledge for being the best version of you.

The modern woman of wellness:
– understands her body and how to listen to it
– knows she can (and must) take time for self-care practices
– knows her limits when it comes to her energy and vitality
– knows her body has been built to feel incredible to live in
– is aware of her changing environment and what she needs to do to protect herself
– understands she has choices, and knows she can ask for more

Knowledge = the power to choose. Choice = empowerment

We are proud to present this stellar line-up of speakers for The Modern Woman of Wellness:

1. SMF Introduction, “Your goals vs your doubts, know your options” talk and workout demo by Dasha Walmsley, certified trainer at SUPERMODELFIT
2. “How food can change your mood” + Bluewater with Sharon Raccah Perez, a certified nutritionist, founder of POWER ME HEALTHY
3.“Brand introduction and the benefits of using LMT cosmetics” by Sandrine Do Couto, LMT Community Director
4. “How can embrace femininity bring the society together” with Sophie Wu, founder of The Women Leadership League in Shanghai.
5. “The power of believing in yourself” & “The future is female” talk by Rebecca Perez, founder of Goss Club Montreal

What’s included?
Entry, your seat to hear all of the above presentations, delicious, nourishing, healthy foods from Power Me Healthy, organic drinks from INVO,
You’ll also get to experience a carefully curated wellness marketplace that only a modern woman of wellness would love! There will be gift bags, products, demos and more to peruse, enjoy and learn about.

A day not to be missed and seats will be strictly limited.

The Modern Women of Wellness -The-Modern-Women-of-Wellness-1

The Modern Women of Wellness -The-Modern-Women-of-Wellness-2

To confirm your attendance please RSVP at: or 183 2138 5976

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