Evernote completes brand rejuvenation and keeps progress with users


Yesterday, Evernote launched a new logo and icon, completing the first brand rejuvenation after the split with Evernote. With the launch of the new app at the same time, the brand of Evernote claims “keep the progress and easy to take notes” as well as desktop notes, WeChat login and other new product features that are more in line with Chinese users' habits.

Evernote completes brand rejuvenation and keeps progress with users -Evernote-completes-brand-rejuvenation-and-keeps-progress-with-users

Visual rejuvenation

The new Evernote brand logo retains the classic elephant image, and the overall shape becomes more rounded, young and strong. The design of the details also gives the new logo more emotional expression. The elephant's eyes are getting bigger in the logo. The slightly inclined arc seems to make the elephant a little more sly and smiling, like the shape of the ear. It shows that the Evernote will capture the user's voice and appeal more astutely, and the elephant trunk that is sleek forward will show the elephant's high-speed attitude of full speed. Behind the brand's visual rejuvenation is the sincerity and determination that Evernote focuses on the user experience and keeps improving. As the impression note CEO Tang Yi said: "The new brand identity represents a new image of Evernote after the completion of the reorganization, it not only reflects the emotional expression of the Evernote for Chinese users, but also conveys the impression note 'keep Progress' brand proposition."

Evernote completes brand rejuvenation and keeps progress with users -1547640927_365_Evernote-completes-brand-rejuvenation-and-keeps-progress-with-users

Function iteration

At the same time of the visual rejuvenation, the Evernote is also combined with the usage habits of Chinese users, and features such as desktop notes (Mac) and WeChat login. The desktop notes feature helps users quickly record information. This function supports ordered/unordered lists, to-do items, screenshots, recording creation, and topping. It also supports setting existing notes as desktops. Real-time synchronization and cross-end editing of notes, notes and notes.

For a long time, the function of Evernote to save the WeChat public image has been widely loved by users. In January 2017, Evernote was the first batch of WeChat applets on the line. With the continuous deepening of the impression notebook, the 2018 Impression Note has improved the functions of QQ space sharing, WeChat payment, and WeChat account binding login. It is reported that the WeChat applet of Evernote will also undergo a large version iteration in the near future. "Mobile Internet has increasingly become the information hub of Chinese Internet users, and there is more and more high-quality content on this platform. This has many differences with the habits of users in other regions." Tang Yi said: "Based on this, Evernote will continue to accelerate its in-depth collaboration with local partners to help users better acquire, manage and share knowledge anytime, anywhere."

In June 2018, Evernote announced its independence as a true Chinese Internet startup and quickly established a fully functional team with software technology and R&D. After independence, Evernote quickly responded to the needs of Chinese users, and based on the core technology of the Chinese market, launched independent research and development, and successively launched Widget cutting, Markdown editor, mobile phone number registration, WeChat login and other functions. In the future, Evernote will continue to explore new product and service layouts, from products to content, from online to offline, continuous innovation, and keep progress with the majority of users!


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