Excessive! Military honor, grace selling? !


Excessive! Military honor, grace selling? ! -Excessive-Military-honor-grace-selling


Online sales of military merit medals are suspected of breaking the law


Military merits can not be sold

■ China National Defense Daily Special Reporter Wang Shaoting

"A micro-business has been entangled in adding me to WeChat. Later, it was a micro-business that specialized in selling military supplies. It actually publicly ordered military medals and certificates…"

Recently, a WeChat issued by a veteran veteran to his comrades has drawn attention in the army. It turned out that the veteran veteran repeatedly received a friend application from a WeChat nicknamed "Veteran". After the pass, the other party sent a lot of information to sell military medals and certificates, including the old one, two, three, etc. For chapters and certificates, the set only costs 140 yuan.

Excessive! Military honor, grace selling? ! -1547702845_776_Excessive-Military-honor-grace-selling

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The reporter learned from the relevant departments that during the registration process of the retired military personnel just finished, there were also veterans who reported to the registration point or the civil affairs department that they had encountered similar situations. The investigation found that not only veterans were harassed by bad micro-business, but active officers and soldiers also often received some brochures for suspected violations. These publicity materials mainly sell so-called "military products" such as field tents, work cases and emergency equipment, and at the same time, the scorpion of "commemorative collectibles" is mixed with weapons and equipment model ornaments, military souvenirs and military honor medals. In terms of sales time, it is usually time for veterans to retire and cadres to switch to business. In the way, the sender usually sends the documents anonymously, and usually does not write the specific recipient, directly writes “long-term receipt of a certain unit (section)” And take the "bee group marketing" means to send the irregularities to the troops in large quantities; on the products, there are not only military medals and certificates, but also medals such as outstanding soldiers, excellent non-commissioned officers, outstanding student badges and national defense service chapters.

Further investigation found that the main types of people involved in the purchase are the following: First, military fans, the purchase of military medals, medals are mainly used for personal collections; second, actors, the purchase of these items is mainly used as a costume clothing; third is the retired military Some veterans have lost their medals due to poor custody, and they have purchased medals through online channels to make up for the shortcomings. Of course, there are also a number of individuals who want to satisfy the vanity of "installing the facade" or achieve their own ulterior motives.

Excessive! Military honor, grace selling? ! -1547702845_275_Excessive-Military-honor-grace-selling

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"The military awards medals to those who have performed well in their work and made outstanding achievements and made outstanding contributions or major influences on the development of the army. It is the main form of spiritual reward and a special carrier for the honor of military personnel." Li Zhongshuang, political commissar of Xuzhou Military District, said The medals issued by the military are produced and issued by the military in a unified manner, and are used in conjunction with the award certificates and commendation orders.

"The random sale of military medals as commodities is a shackle of military honors and a distortion of the connotation of merits. If it is developed, it will inevitably disrupt the military order." Li Zhongshuang reminded that the comrades who lost the medals must be certified through proper channels, and must not be self-made. Advocate, buy privately, and not be able to falsify and bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.

Excessive! Military honor, grace selling? ! -1547702845_810_Excessive-Military-honor-grace-selling

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"When the army's military medals are used for counterfeiting, such as counterfeiting military power, in addition to the parties may be held accountable, those who produce and sell military medals will be held liable for suspected fraud." Xuzhou Yonglun Law Firm, Jiangsu Province Lawyer Du Ning said that at present, the state has made clear requirements and strict restrictions on the behavior of selling and selling military uniforms and clothing, but there is no clear regulation on the sale of military merit medals. She suggested that it is necessary to improve laws and regulations as soon as possible, and provide legal support for combating the production and sale of military medals. At the same time, the fight against the sale of military medals requires the strengthening of military and military cooperation, joint production inspection, market inspection, and micro-increase. Commercial marketing supervision.


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