Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan


"On January 18th, the courier company is going to have a holiday, and it is necessary to place an order for online shopping!" These two days, many people's circle of friends was swiped by the "Spring Festival Express Downtime Schedule".

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan

Net delivery express outage schedule

"I plan to buy some new year gifts, new year's goods, etc. for my elders online, but I haven't placed an order yet." Ms. Lin, who likes online shopping, saw this notice. The first reaction was to buy and buy, but she also Some will be suspicious. "At this time of the year, the courier is still normal. Is this winter vacation so early this year?"

In fact, the logistics express company's holiday or transportation line outage is not a unified regulation, but each logistics express company decides according to the situation, there is no national version of the timetable. And the State Post Bureau has also ridiculed this.

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -1547788721_263_Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan

Official Post Office of the State Post Bureau

As early as December 28, 2018, the State Post Bureau issued a notice on doing a good job during the New Year's Day Spring Festival, requiring the postal administrations of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to coordinate the work during the festival to ensure the normal operation of the holidays. The industry is safe and stable. We will spare no effort to ensure that during the Spring Festival, we will “stop the Internet, refuse to accept, and not backlog” and strive to meet the people’s needs for postal services.

Both Zhongtong and Yuantong said that they will implement the concept of “every year round” to ensure that the service during the Spring Festival “does not fight”, but the specific arrangements have not yet been released. The relevant person in charge of Yunda Express told the reporter that the current rhyme delivery service is in normal operation, and the specific adjustment will follow the announcement.

Therefore, during the Spring Festival, the gangsters who want to buy and buy can rest assured that the express delivery is a fake news!

In fact, the rumors mainly come from Wei Shang. Some netizens think that Wei Shang is releasing these fake news in order to sell goods home for the New Year.


The seller is eager to go home

Shao boss, who is doing fruit business in Hangzhou, plans to go home early this year. “The capacity before the Spring Festival is very tight. Stop shipping in advance to avoid the impact on product quality. I can go home for the New Year.”

"Although the major express delivery companies will resume orders in the first month of the year, but the capacity is not enough." Shao boss is preparing to rest for a period of time this year. "Receive the order in the next few days, wait until the courier is on the job, and the capacity is sufficient. Delivery is guaranteed."

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -1547788721_257_Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan

On January 17, 2019, a express delivery point in Beijing Xicheng. Qiu Yu

There are also some sellers who choose to order only not to ship. Wang Yunlun, the seller of Wenchuang products, told reporters that in order to be able to go home early in the New Year, during this period, the shop only orders, and then ship after the Spring Festival. According to the experience of previous years, if the customer puts forward the request during the Spring Festival, it can generally be sent through SF, of course, this requires additional money.


Express Spring Festival all the time is difficult

Although various express delivery companies have indicated that they will start the Spring Festival operation mode, there is a lot of difference between the different regions and outlets of the franchised express delivery companies. This goal is not easy to implement.

Yang Zaolong is an online shop staff specializing in Tibetan specialties. He told reporters that the latest delivery time is No. 20. "Because our goods are all in Tibet, after the 20th, the express delivery is basically stopped, and the goods cannot be delivered."

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -1547788722_945_Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan

Respondents for the picture

Express expert Zhao Xiaomin believes that the whole year is an idealized state. EMS and SF are better as self-employed companies, and the franchise express delivery enterprises have challenges.

"In a responsible attitude, the relevant express delivery companies will issue clear operational announcements as soon as possible to let the outside world understand the operation. Avoid the promise of 'all year round,' and there will be no cover for businesses and consumers. The situation of the goods."

Although “all year round” can not be achieved 100%, but the Spring Festival distribution in some areas “does not fight” can still be achieved. Mainstream express enterprises should use the official website, official micro platform and other platforms to release the Spring Festival service model and emergency measures as soon as possible. Respond to public issues.

Therefore, although the express delivery companies have expressed “every year round”, when the seller returns home early and the courier is relatively insufficient, the logistics will indeed be affected and the speed will be slower.


Online shopping, new year delivery will be slower

Some netizens have reported that the "every year round" in previous years just looks beautiful. In fact, some have to go to the express delivery point to take it, and some time is greatly delayed. "What is the difference between this and the express holiday?"

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -1547788722_697_Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -1547788722_461_Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan


The reason for the slow delivery during the Spring Festival is the relative shortage of couriers.

Although the courier is required to stay behind to maintain the business during the Spring Festival, the courier company does not impose mandatory requirements, but mainly based on the personal wishes of the courier. However, 300% of the incentives for holidays are not enough to keep the number of couriers in a normal state. Many couriers chose to go home and reunite with their families because they bought a home ticket.

Recently, Mr. Cheng of Beijing found that the delivery was not a courier, but a temporary part-time logistics staff. "The couriers at our outlets basically went home, lacking people, I had to come out to help."


Some couriers may have to raise prices

The number of couriers is small, and the cost of maintaining the business is high. These are ultimately reflected in the express price that consumers feel.

Shentong’s Spring Festival operation announcement shows that Shentong’s Spring Festival operation mode is from 0:00 to 10:00 on February 4, 2019. "The delivery fee in some areas will also be adjusted."

According to previous years, the fare increase is between 10-20 yuan. The price increase of each affiliated express delivery is also roughly equal.

Express Spring Festival outage schedule brush, fake! But or raise the price by 10-20 yuan -1547788722_426_Express-Spring-Festival-outage-schedule-brush-fake-But-or-raise-the-price-by-10-20-yuan

Shentong 2019 Spring Festival operation announcement. From Shentong official website

In addition to the affiliated express delivery, the self-operated SF and postal EMS have always been the main force of the express delivery service during the Spring Festival. In previous years, the price per order was increased by about 10 yuan.

According to SF customer service, according to previous years' practice, this year will not change much. The specific increase is subject to the announcement. EMS also said that there will be some service fees during the Spring Festival, and the details will be announced.

If you want to enjoy the service and don't want to spend more, e-commerce parcel delivery may be a good choice. Jingdong Express and Suning Logistics have indicated that the parcel delivery service will run as usual during the Spring Festival of 2019. Suning also promised that during the Spring Festival, the logistics freight rate will not increase, and the express delivery to the countryside will enable the villagers to receive the parcels on time.

However, everyone should still purchase new year's goods as soon as possible. On the one hand, it is to avoid delays in the delivery of goods. On the other hand, the couriers who still hold their posts during the Spring Festival can finish their work earlier and reunite with their families! (Zhang Xu)


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