Facing the ultra-historical peak, Jiangxi Poyang cadres worked together to successfully deal with a key polder danger

In the early morning of June 22, the lights were still bright on the Shewan polder in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province. The flood water rolled in the Le’an River all the way to the west. The emergency cadres on the dam braved the torrential rain and rushed to transport sandbags to reinforce the dyke body.

Facing the ultra-historical peak, Jiangxi Poyang cadres worked together to successfully deal with a key polder danger -Facing-the-ultra-historical-peak-Jiangxi-Poyang-cadres-worked-together-to

Poyang County cadres brave the rain to rescue the emergency

Affected by the recent heavy rainfall, the Le’an River and the tributaries of the Xinjiang River experienced the highest floods on record. At 8:20 on the 21st, the peak water level of the Le’an River and Hushan Station was 32.28 meters, exceeding the highest water level in history (31.18 meters, June 16, 2011) 1.1 Meter.

Shewan Lianxu is located on the north bank of the lower reaches of the Le’an River in Poyang County and Leping City. The polder is 23.85 kilometers long. Shewan Lianwei is one of the key polders in Poyang Lake District.

At about 5:00 p.m. on June 21, a leak occurred at the joint of the Jiujia Irrigation Station in Shetang, Shetang Village, Lianwei, Shewan. According to the early warning of the water conservancy department, the super-historical flood peak will pass through the section of Raobu Town, Poyang County, Shewan Lianxu, at 8 o’clock that night. The double superposition of danger and water conditions seriously threatens the 64,000 mu of cultivated land and 60,000 mu of cultivated land protected by the embankment in this section. The safety of life and property of the people.

After hearing the news, Ai Hui, deputy secretary of the Poyang County Party Committee and commander of the Shewan Lianwei Flood Control Headquarters, immediately rushed to the scene with three water conservancy experts to investigate and direct the rescue.

Facing the ultra-historical peak, Jiangxi Poyang cadres worked together to successfully deal with a key polder danger -1655989354_137_Facing-the-ultra-historical-peak-Jiangxi-Poyang-cadres-worked-together-to

On-site investigation of dangerous situations

“The concentration of leakage on the inner slope is large in quantity, with a large amount of water, and it also carries sediment. The danger inside the dam is likely to be more serious…” The danger occurred quickly and developed rapidly. During the process of setting up anti-filter enclosures on the inner slope to decompress the embankment body, there was a hole in the embankment body.

There are holes in the embankment body, and the flood water gushing out from the water outlet on the inner slope is getting faster and more turbid. The hearts of the rescuers are also in their throats, and the movements of carrying sandbags in their hands are getting faster and faster: no more Find out the exact location of the hole in the embankment, and a collapse may occur within minutes!

“Secretary Ai! I’m small, I can get into the culvert pipe to investigate the hole…” When the situation was critical, the villager Xu Gencai took the initiative to ask Ai Hui for help, then tied the safety rope and jumped into the culvert pipe with all his might.

To enter the culvert pipe to investigate dangerous situations, at least seven or eight meters deep into the pipe, there is a risk of suffocation.

“Be sure to pay attention to safety!” Ai Hui urged when Xu Gencai entered the culvert. Subsequently, a large number of mechanical equipment and several nearby rescue commandos rushed to the scene to intensify the anti-filter enclosure and blocking operations.

Ten minutes later, Xu Gencai successfully climbed out of the culvert with the video shot by his mobile phone. Ai Hui and water conservancy experts quickly made a judgment based on the video data, and directed vehicles to transport clay for plugging operations. After hours of intense work, the danger was finally brought under control.

Just when everyone breathed a sigh of relief, at 10 p.m. on the 21st, a two-meter-diameter drop suddenly appeared on the body of the embankment. Old party members and veteran cadres who participated in the rescue believed that the embankment could not be maintained. At a critical juncture, Hu Liming, secretary of the village branch of Shetang Village, volunteered to jump into the floodwater on the outer slope with his quilt in his arms.

“The water pressure is too high, and a person can’t hold it…” The vortex is about 30 cm in diameter, but the cavity formed in the embankment cannot be considered. The suction of the vortex is getting stronger and stronger. Seeing that Hu Liming is about to be washed away by the flood , the villagers Huang Guixiang, Hu Jiangbao and others immediately jumped into the flood, and together with Hu Liming, blocked the vortex with quilts.

In the roaring torrent, Hu Liming and several others persisted desperately, fighting for ten minutes of “life and death” for the Shewan Lianwei emergency rescue for the peripheral interception.

In the rainy night, the rescuers were soaked all over and couldn’t tell whether it was sweat or river water. They were working hard for several hours. Everyone was exhausted, but no one shouted tired, no one called to stop, and no one called to withdraw… The party flag on the embankment fluttered high, and the logistics staff were busy delivering supplies to the rescuers while shouting “serving the people” and “defending the homeland”.

At 2:00 a.m. on June 22, this rescue battle against Hongfeng ushered in the dawn of victory—the danger was finally effectively controlled.

“This is really a race of life and death! If it wasn’t for the cadres and the group to work together to rescue the emergency, this polder would not have been saved…” Hu Liming, secretary of the village branch of Shetang Village, who had just fought a tough battle against the flood, stood on the polder and recalled several times. The scenes that happened hours ago are still surging.

Facing the ultra-historical peak, Jiangxi Poyang cadres worked together to successfully deal with a key polder danger -1655989354_964_Facing-the-ultra-historical-peak-Jiangxi-Poyang-cadres-worked-together-to

Shewan Lianwei dangerous situation was successfully dealt with

In order to meet this ultra-historical flood peak, the Shewan Lianwei Flood Control Headquarters put into use 100,000 woven bags, 50,000 square meters of color striped cloth, 80,000 square meters of boulders (sand and pebbles), and 160 emergency rescue machines.

“The successful preservation of the polder is due to the scientific coordination of the county party committee and the county government, the scientific pre-judgment of the scene, the strong organization of emergency rescue, and the concerted efforts of the rescue cadres. You will definitely be able to ‘fight’ to win…” Afterwards, when summarizing the rescue experience, the cadres who participated in the rescue sighed sincerely. At this moment, the footsteps of the cadres patrolling the embankment on the Shewan Lianxu are still in a hurry…

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