"Far 5" New Year's Eve triumph, Yuanwang Fleet Spring Festival reunion


Gao Chao Pan Jiaqi Technology Daily Reporter Zhang Qiang

On February 4th, coincided with the Lunar New Year's Eve, the successful completion of the "Zhongxing 2D" satellite maritime monitoring and control mission of the Yuanwang No. 5 ship victory triumph.

"Far 5" New Year's Eve triumph, Yuanwang Fleet Spring Festival reunion -quotFar-5quot-New-Year39s-Eve-triumph-Yuanwang-Fleet-Spring-Festival-reunion

The Yuanwang No. 5 ship triumphantly triumphed. The voyage lasted for 38 days and safely sailed over 11,000 nautical miles. Before the Spring Festival, this was the last returning Yuanyuan ship. It was smoothly returned to the home port. All the Yuanwang ships have safely docked at the dock. The Yuanwang fleet has ushered in a reunion year.

"Catch up slowly, and finally catch up on the dock before New Year's Eve, can have a reunion with the family, for the long-term people who go out to sea for the longest is the greatest happiness!" The road to go home is not easy, except for the cold wave and seven The windy winds, this special sea "Spring Festival" also let the crew Zhang Tao "squat" to the whole Spring Festival.

In the past few days, at the head of the motherland, science and technology workers have been busy carrying out the demonstration of a certain type of satellite launching plan; in the depths of the ocean, Yuanwang No. 5 ship is advancing at full speed in the scheduled sea area according to the established plan.

As China's third-generation ocean-going aerospace survey ship, Yuanwang No. 5 ship just completed its first revision in October last year, and its ship power, measurement and control equipment, and informationization degree have all been greatly improved. Only the navigation system has carried out more than 150 renovation projects, and more than 10 sets of equipment have been newly replaced. The exterior painting operation has reached more than 4,000 square meters. At present, it can also be unmanned at sea, and the aerospace ocean-going survey ship has higher technology content.

"The task may have to be postponed, we can go home for the New Year." Not long ago, Zhao Xueyang, the third officer of Yuanwang No. 5 ship, whispered to Zhang Tao. In the middle of the night in the Pacific Ocean, the stars are dotted, the moonlight sprinkles through the portholes, and the strings of silver shine. The brightness of the computer screen and the fluorescence of the buttons flash alternately in the dark cab. At night on the sea, there is a special kind of tranquility. nice.

The cab at the highest point of the ship is on duty around the clock. It is the closest duty room on the ship and the rear, and always gets first-hand news.

"The task is postponed? What is the reason? When will it be launched again? Will it affect the next mission?" In addition to the joy of going home for the New Year, more concerns about the delay in the task. Space launch missions often lead to the whole body, and the affairs involved are numerous. Although Zhang Tao is only an ordinary sailor on the ship, he is concerned about "the big things."

The waves beat the ship's side and made a pleasant sound of snoring. The ship still sailed forward. At the last moment, the Yuanwang survey ship would not change the course, and would not relax the preparation of the sea monitoring and control mission. On the way of ocean voyage, affected by the cold wave and bad sea conditions, Yuanwang No. 5 ship was subjected to a 7-level wind test and the swell reached 3.5 meters, which brought great challenges to ship safety and equipment reliability.

A few days later, the final notice of the return flight was finalized one week earlier than originally planned. On February 4, Yuanwang No. 5 was successfully completed by the China Satellite Maritime Monitoring and Control Department Terminal.

After more than 30 days of maritime navigation, the deck mechanical structure, the operating status of the newly installed equipment, and the quality of the spare parts need to be verified at the terminal. After docking at the dock, Zhang Tao will check and record one by one, and also participate in route formulation and chart drawing. If the next voyage is long, it is necessary to stop at a foreign port. The prepared foreign affairs joint inspection responsibility is more important, involving health, immigration, maritime affairs, customs, etc. In many respects, any one of them will be negatively affected, and it will directly affect whether it can rely on Hong Kong. If serious problems are discovered, it will even trigger a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

"Far 5" New Year's Eve triumph, Yuanwang Fleet Spring Festival reunion -1549356066_934_quotFar-5quot-New-Year39s-Eve-triumph-Yuanwang-Fleet-Spring-Festival-reunion

The reporter learned that in 2019, China Aerospace will launch more than 30 times a year. The Yuanwang fleet will also take on more responsibilities. Among them, Yuanwang No. 5 plans to perform dozens of maritime monitoring and control tasks, and the sea operation time will exceed 200 days. At the docking of the terminal, the crew members had to wait for the preparatory work for the follow-up tasks while they were temporarily retiring and celebrating the Spring Festival. Soon after, they would set sail and officially kick off the busy sea monitoring and control tasks after the Spring Festival.


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