Festival consumption is booming and the market is full of vitality

Luo Shanshan

As the Spring Festival approaches, booming consumption reflects China’s economic vitality. In Harbin, Heilongjiang, the unique northern scenery and warm and thoughtful services have set off a new boom in cultural tourism consumption; in Wuhan, Hubei, the recently opened comprehensive consumer complex Aeon Mall has become a new shopping and leisure destination for surrounding residents; in Chengdu, Sichuan, the Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street Lively and prosperous, with a strong festive atmosphere…

Consumption is connected to economic development and social and people’s livelihood, and is the main engine of economic growth. In 2023, my country’s consumer market will continue to recover, with online consumption booming. Offline consumption such as physical stores, supermarkets, catering stores, pedestrian streets, and tourist attractions will strive to adapt to changes in residents’ consumption concepts and needs, continue to optimize business methods, innovate consumption scenarios, and drive consumption. New business formats and new hot spots are constantly emerging. Data show that in 2023, the retail sales growth rate of warehouse membership stores and shopping malls of units above designated size in my country will reach double digits, and national catering revenue will increase by 20.4% compared with the previous year.

Currently, in the face of complex internal and external environments, it is necessary to continuously stimulate consumption with potential, promote consumption from post-epidemic recovery to continued expansion, and promote a smooth economic cycle through benign interaction between supply and demand in the consumer market, which is the key to consolidating and enhancing the positive trend of economic recovery. important tasks. Unlike online consumption that meets the needs for convenient shopping, offline consumption is more in line with people’s needs for personalized and experiential consumption upgrades. Complying with the trend of demand upgrading, innovating market supply, shifting from meeting material needs to meeting spiritual needs, and retaining consumers with rich business formats, diverse experiences, and high-quality services will surely unleash greater consumption potential.

The New Year flavor is strong and popular. The “shopping carts” of hundreds of millions of consumers are filled with an increasingly fulfilling sense of gain and happiness, carrying the vigorous vitality that drives China’s economic train forward.

Since the beginning of the new year, a series of new measures have been introduced to promote the continued expansion of consumption. The National Development and Reform Commission stated that it will upgrade cultural, tourism, sports and other infrastructure and improve the consumption environment; the Ministry of Commerce proposed to use the “Consumption Promotion Year” as the main line to organize various consumption promotion activities; the China Consumers Association and the National Consumers Association organized plans Carry out 10 key tasks to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers…With strong policies and market forces, all parties will work together to jointly promote the continued recovery of the consumer market, which will surely provide lasting impetus for economic growth.

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