For the first time, the country recruited 18,000 firefighters for the society.


Recently, the Emergency Management Department issued the "Announcement of the National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team for the recruitment of firefighters to the society", officially launching the national comprehensive fire rescue team for the first time to publicly recruit firefighters for the society.

According to reports, this time, 18,665 firefighters will be openly recruited to the public. Candidates can register online at 24:00 on January 25.

For the first time, the country recruited 18,000 firefighters for the society. -For-the-first-time-the-country-recruited-18000-firefighters-for-the-society

Data map: State-wide comprehensive fire rescue team flag-raising ceremony. China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng photo

18,000 firefighters will be enrolled until February 28

According to the announcement, the National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team has publicly recruited 18,665 firefighters from the emergency management department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Among them, the fire rescue team recruited 11,880 and the forest fire team recruited 6,785.

The recruited person can log in to the national comprehensive fire rescue team firefighter recruitment website (website after January 25, 2019, check the recruitment information, register to enter the firefighter recruitment Online registration system, registration time as of February 28th at 18:00.

According to the person in charge of the Emergency Management Department, the recruitment will adhere to the selection of talents and talents. The firefighters are mainly recruited for the permanent residents of the provincial administrative area. The recruiting candidates can choose to apply in the province where the household registration is located or the province where they live frequently.

In addition, graduates of college education or above, retired soldiers of the People's Liberation Army and Armed Police Force, and qualified personnel of the government (enterprise) full-time fire brigade can be recruited first. Age-appropriate conditions can be relaxed for special professionals with a bachelor's degree or above or a need for firefighting assistance.

For the first time, the country recruited 18,000 firefighters for the society. -1548470840_855_For-the-first-time-the-country-recruited-18000-firefighters-for-the-society

Data Map: Photo by Jiang Feng

What kind of person can sign up?

– 18 years old or older, under 24 years old

In December 2018, the "National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team Firefighters Recruitment Procedures (Trial)" issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Emergency Management Department (the "Recruitment Method") made provisions for the recruitment conditions. Among them, the age of the recruits is 18 years old or older, 24 years old or younger; with a high school education or above; physical and mental health and so on.

For this exam, the announcement was introduced in more detail.

In terms of age, the announcement proposes that the age of the recruits is 18 years of age or older and 24 years of age or older (born between March 1, 1994 and February 28, 2001), and the undergraduate degree is relaxed to 26 years of age (1992) Born after March 1); the special professional talents urgently needed for fire rescue work can be further relaxed by the emergency management department.

In terms of academic qualifications, the announcement requires that the target of recruitment must have a high school or higher education level. Students who have completed all the courses and are qualified to graduate from high school diplomas who have obtained the qualifications for high school diplomas; students who have graduated from secondary vocational and technical schools who can graduate in addition to graduation internships or social practice, with the consent of their schools, Can be included in the scope of registration.

For the first time, the country recruited 18,000 firefighters for the society. -1548470840_790_For-the-first-time-the-country-recruited-18000-firefighters-for-the-society

Data Map: China News Agency issued Luo Dafu Photo

What kind of assessment do you need to be a firefighter?

——The male weight is on the sixth floor, and the female is on the fourth floor.

According to the "Recruitment Method", firefighters are recruited according to procedures such as publicity and mobilization, organization registration, qualification examination, physical examination, political examination, physical fitness test and post-adaptation test, psychological test and interview, publicity, and employment.

Among them, in the physical fitness test and job adaptability test, the "Recruitment Method" is clear, the physical fitness test mainly examines the muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility of the recruited subjects; the post adaptability test mainly investigates the coordination ability and spatial location of the recruited objects. Perception and psychological fitness for high altitude and dark environments.

The reporter found that in this test, the physical fitness test items include horizontal bar pull-up, 10 m * 4 round-trip, 1000 m run, etc.; the post adaptability test project includes the load on the sixth floor, in situ climbing six Milady, dark environment search, etc. The specific items of the two tests will vary depending on the gender of the candidate.

For example, in the male candidate's post-adaptive test, the weight-bearing project on the sixth floor, the candidate wearing a fire helmet and a fire safety belt, carrying two 65-meter water hoses, from the first floor stairway to the 6th floor stairway, record the time. Among them, the time can be judged as "excellent" within 1 minute and 15 seconds, and "normal" within 1 minute and 50 seconds.

For the first time, the country recruited 18,000 firefighters for the society. -1548470840_171_For-the-first-time-the-country-recruited-18000-firefighters-for-the-society

Image source: Emergency Management Department WeChat public number

In addition, the announcement also put forward specific requirements for physical examination and psychological testing in this examination.

In terms of physical examination, the announcement stated that it was carried out in the designated general hospitals above the municipal level, and was carried out in accordance with the standards of the military ground personnel in the “Certificate for Physical Examination of Applicants”. If the medical examination is unqualified, it will not be recruited; for psychological testing, the armed police force will be used. The third generation of psychological testing system is carried out, and the system automatically judges “qualified” or “unqualified”. The interview was carried out with reference to the implementation of the public recruitment of the public institutions, and the quantitative score was implemented. If the score was below 60, it was “unqualified”.

It is worth mentioning that the recruitment method is also particularly clear, the newly hired firefighters must participate in a one-year induction training. If the training assessment is unqualified or there are other situations that are not suitable for fire rescue work, it shall be eliminated.

If the training is qualified, the acceptance agreement will be formally signed to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. You must not leave early in the course of 5 years of work (including the induction training period). If you leave the company in advance due to improper reasons, you must not participate in the recruitment (employment) of the national public officials and record it in the citizen credit system.

For the first time, the country recruited 18,000 firefighters for the society. -1548470840_692_For-the-first-time-the-country-recruited-18000-firefighters-for-the-society

Image source: Liuzhou Fire

What is the guarantee for my career?

——The work can be arranged by the government after working for more than 12 years.

After recruiting as a firefighter, what kind of welfare benefits will be enjoyed is a concern of many people.

In October 2018, the "Framework for the Establishment of a National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team" issued by the Central Office and the State Council clearly stated that firefighters and rescuers should implement wages and salaries that are in line with their job ranks and meet professional characteristics, and enjoy the benefits given by the state and society. For preferential treatment, the local government grants preferential treatment or other preferential treatment to firefighter families who have been employed for less than 2 years.

In this recruitment examination, the announcement proposes that firefighters should implement wages that are consistent with their professional ranks and that meet professional characteristics. Participate in the endowment insurance and local basic medical insurance of the institutions and institutions according to the regulations, enjoy the casualties and pensions of the staff of the state organs, and establish an additional insurance system for casualties according to the characteristics of fire rescue work; and meet the conditions, preferentially enjoy the local housing security policy under the same conditions; It is stipulated to enjoy treatment such as recuperation, family visits, relief and condolences; enjoy preferential treatment according to regulations in the family's follow-up, children's enrollment, transportation, medical treatment and other aspects.

In addition, the announcement also stated that firefighters who have been approved for employment are awarded the corresponding fire rescue title in accordance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Fire Rescue. For the excellent business backbone of the firefighters, it is preferable to pull them to the firefighting colleges for orientation training, and after graduation, they will be appointed as commanders.

On the exit mechanism, the announcement stated that the firefighters implemented a full exit mechanism. It is not suitable for continuing to engage in fire rescue work, and if it is approved by the organization for other reasons, it is scheduled to withdraw. Those who work less than 12 years and need to arrange for withdrawal shall be subsidized according to the regulations; if the work is over 12 years old and the retirement age is dissatisfied, the government shall arrange for work, and according to their wishes, they may also choose to receive subsidies for self-employment;


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