Former Vice Chairman of Baotou CPPCC Shi Suzhen was dismissed from public office for serious violation of discipline and law – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Recently, with the approval of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Supervisory Committee conducted a case investigation on the serious violation of the law by the former vice chairman of the Baotou CPPCC.

After investigation, Shi Suzhen lost his ideals and beliefs, distorted his values, and lost his moral bottom line. He transferred and concealed the property involved in the case and confronted the investigation of the organization; he did not report personal matters in accordance with the regulations;

Shi Suzhen seriously violated political discipline, organizational discipline, and integrity discipline, and constituted illegal duties. After the party’s 18th National Congress, he did not converge or accept his hand. His nature was bad and the circumstances were serious. He should be dealt with seriously. According to the “People’s Republic of China Civil Service Law”, “People’s Republic of China Supervision Law” and other relevant regulations, after the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Supervision Committee meeting study and reported to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee approval, decided to give Suzhen to expel public office; collect their illegal and illegal income.

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