Four important news about February salary! I saw the first laugh and saw


There are still a few days off, are you still on the way home or stick to your position?

This year's February 4th is the New Year's Eve. February 5th is the Spring Festival. Going home with you, in addition to the large and small new year's goods, will there be a salary in February for red packets?

Four important news about February salary! I saw the first laugh and saw -Four-important-news-about-February-salary-I-saw-the-first-laugh-and-saw

Speaking of the salary in February, there are some news to tell you, there are joys and sorrows… with the Workers Daily (ID: grrbwx ) Xiaobian to see together!

Four important news about February salary! I saw the first laugh and saw -Four-important-news-about-February-salary-I-saw-the-first-laugh-and-saw

February wages can be issued in advance

At the beginning of February, it is the Spring Festival holiday. For the unit that pays late wages, how should the salary in February be issued?

According to the requirements of the Interim Provisions on Wages Payment,If the employer fails to pay wages during the holidays, it shall pay wages on the latest working day. .

Will your salary be paid in advance next month?

In February, you can make up the January salary tax.

From January 1, 2019, the new "Interim Measures for Special Deduction of Personal Income Tax" will be implemented. However, some people did not have time to submit personal family information, which affected the tax deduction in January.

In this regard, Liu Lijian, chief auditor of the State Administration of Taxation, said that if a taxpayer’s declaration is late,It doesn't matter if you don't catch the deduction in January. The evening paper can be used as a back button. Taxpayers can declare in February or later, and the tax reduction bonus will not be less. .

Overtime work in the Spring Festival can receive double or triple wages

The first day, the second day, and the third day are the statutory holidays for the Spring Festival. The three-day overtime pay is calculated as three times the salary. The other 4 days are holidays, and the 4 days of overtime pay is calculated as double pay.

Overtime work during the Spring Festival can not only receive overtime pay, but also has the advantage of avoiding the cross-examination of family members, marriage, baby, second child, and buying a house, which can be cleaned up.

So, do you choose to go home or work overtime during the Spring Festival?

Your salary may be less in February

If you don't have overtime work during the Spring Festival, your salary may be less!

Many people's monthly salary is calculated by means of timing or piece counting.

The hourly wage refers to the labor remuneration paid to the individual according to the hourly wage standard (including the regional living allowance) and the working hours. These include the wages paid for the work done on the hourly wage standard, the basic wages paid to the employees by the units that implement the structured wage system, and the salary of the positions (posts).

Piece-based wages refer to the labor remuneration paid for the work done at the unit price. Including the implementation of excessive progressive piece counting, direct unlimited piece counting, quota piece counting, over-rated piece counting and other wage systems.

Whether it is timing or piece counting, it is closely related to the length of labor. The Spring Festival holiday, the workday is reduced, can you expect the salary to be as high as usual?

(Source: Worker Daily Client)


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