“Global Long-Term Series Input-Output Database” Released

It is understood that the global long-term series input-output database brings together historical data of 190 countries and economies from 1950 to 2015. It will cover multiple dimensions such as economy, energy, environment, etc., filling the gaps in the long series of international data. Blanks are of great value in capturing and interpreting inter-temporal global economic dynamics and industrial change patterns.

Xia Xiaohua, the leader of the research team, said that the database will help researchers understand the economic development trends and structural changes of various countries, and will also help reveal the inherent laws of the complex phenomenon of global trade interconnection, and will allow researchers to accurately compare different countries on a long-term scale. and regional economic development differences.

According to reports, the compilation of the database is characterized by comprehensive consideration of the evolution of economic globalization, making it possible to examine the interdependent economic environments of various countries and industries in the era of globalization from a global macro perspective, and to analyze how these environments change over time. . At the same time, the database provides policymakers and scholars with a trustworthy data resource that facilitates accounting of the benefits and costs of participating in the global economic system. In addition, its long-term series allows researchers to trace historical economic cycles and conduct in-depth analysis of the impact of policy changes and external shocks on different economies. Through sophisticated data collection and analysis, the database will realize the visualization of the economic development status of each country and its contribution and impact on the global economic network.

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