Goodbye “Iron Man”! Film performance artist Zhang Lianwen died of illness, enjoying the age


Goodbye "Iron Man"! Film performance artist Zhang Lianwen died of illness, enjoying the age -Goodbye-Iron-Man-Film-performance-artist-Zhang-Lianwen-died-of-illness-enjoying-the-age

Zhang Lianwen, a performance artist who starred in “Sunny Day”, “Entrepreneurship” and “Eight Years of Enemy Camp”, died at the age of 22 on the evening of January 4 at the age of 74.

Zhang Lianwen was born in February 1945. In 1960, he was admitted to the Performance Department of the Beijing Art Institute. He studied drama and started his acting career. In 1973, the director of the North Film Factory, Lin Nong, asked him to play Xiao Yang for “Sunny Day (1973)”. Changchun, this is his first filming. Later, he filmed classic film and television works such as “Entrepreneurship”, “Boiled Mountains”, “Giant”, “Wedding”, “Xu Mao and His Daughters” and “Eight Years of Enemy Camp”. The artists who have been awarded outstanding contributions by the State Council are entitled to the special subsidy allowance of the State Council. Among the many works, Zhang Lianwen, the most familiar to the audience, is “Entrepreneurship”. The film is based on the iron man Wang Jinxi. The classic line “has to be conditional, there is no condition to create conditions!” is from this movie.

In an interview before his death, Zhang Lianwen once revealed that he filmed “Entrepreneurship”, or was recommended by director Xie Tiejun. At that time, he just finished “Sunny Day”. After reading “Sunny Day”, Xie Gui recommended Zhang Lianwen to try the show and read “Entrepreneurship”. After the script, Zhang Lianwen was so excited that he couldn't sleep, and he overslept as a result. “How many dramas I played in memory, I have never been late, only this time is late. Fortunately, when I arrived, I still had time to make up, quickly make up, go on. After taking a film for a while, the crew felt that I was more consistent in all aspects of the temperament, and soon I decided to play Zhou Tingshan.”

In the play, Zhou Lianshan jumped into the mud. Zhang Lianwen soaked in the mud for three days and burned the skin, leaving a serious pruritus.

At the end of 2014, Zhang Lianwen suffered a car accident and was comatose in the hospital for a month. At this point, his health is getting worse and he is often accompanied by a wheelchair. Text / Beiqing Daily reporter Xiao Yang


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