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In addition to the red dates in the commodity market on Tuesday, most of the varieties fell, and the decline was larger. It is a pity that the cotton empty sheet that was opened in the hand band was not held at the end, but fortunately, the PP short-selling bill has a profit of 300 points, and this week, the newly opened thread and rubber empty sheet are held in the floating position. On Wednesday, the overall merchandise continued to remain unchanged, and the key new varieties opened in the day.


Trend analysis: IF rushed to close at 3638.6 on Tuesday. The IF has been short-selling from 3800 to 3,800 in the week since last Monday. It is the low-level consolidation of the 3700 line. The focus is down, the weakness remains, and the short position is sold at a relatively high level.

Operation plan: IF plans to sell an empty order above 3730 on Wednesday, with a stop loss setting of 3750; other points are on the sidelines.

Crude oil 1906:

Trend analysis: On Tuesday, crude oil rushed to a high of 500 and closed at 496.3. Crude oil fell by 500 in April, and the integer mark is still an effective pressure point to be concerned in the near future. In order to avoid excessive washing, it is planned to build a short position with 2-3 short stop losses.

Operating plan: Crude oil plans to sell an empty order near 500 on Wednesday.

Thread 1910:

Analysis of the trend: Tuesday’s thread low shocks fell back to 3663. The previous month, the thread was generally consolidating from the high range of 3850-3700. Now the price is expected to break down and sell short orders.

Operation plan: Wednesday’s thread plan to sell an empty order near 3700.

Iron ore 1909:

Trend analysis: Iron ore fell back to close at 644.5 on Tuesday. Iron ore short-term focus on the April high of 665 pressure, temporarily look at the pressure double top, sell empty orders.

Operational plan: Iron ore plans to sell empty orders near 660 on Wednesday.


Trend analysis: PTA fell 4.4% to 5560 on Tuesday. The PTA fell below last week’s low consolidation range, and the downtrend is still continuing, selling short orders.

Operating plan: Wednesday’s PTA plans to sell an empty order near 5700.

Methanol 1909:

Trend analysis: On Tuesday, methanol fell 2.42% to close at 2374. Methanol is still in a downtrend, only short-term near the beginning of the month and a little rebound.

Operation plan: On Wednesday, methanol plans to sell an empty order on the 2460 line.

Cardamom 1909:

Trend analysis: Tuesday’s soybean meal rushed back to the cross with the cross to receive 2667. The long and short boundary line of the soybean meal band is 2700, which is also the effective pressure level to be paid attention to in the near future. The futures price continues the operation of the empty order.

Operation plan: On Wednesday, Soybean plans to sell an empty order near the 2700, with a stop loss setting of 50 points.


Grab the cattle in the hands of Friday to open a short position near the 8410 PP, three days floating around 300 points, now PP as scheduled to reach the 8000 near the target target, starting at 8000-8100 low range to reduce the position, short-term attention to 8200 pressure Payment situation. Return to the futures home page, see more>>

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