Greek government wins parliamentary vote –

Xinhua News Agency, Athens, May 10 (Reporter Li Xiaopeng Yu Shuai Shuai) The government led by Greek Prime Minister Tsipras won the parliamentary vote on the 10th. This is the second time that the Tsipras government has won a parliamentary vote of confidence this year.

After three days of debate, the Greek Parliament passed a motion of trust in the government with 153 votes in favor and 136 votes against it.

Greece’s main opposition party, the New Democracy Party, recently expressed its distrust of the Bosnia and Herzegovina on the grounds that the Deputy Minister of Health, Polakis, made a statement last month, insulting a candidate for a disabled person in the New Democracy Party who was elected to the European Parliament. motion. Polakis denied insulting the disabled and claimed that his remarks were misinterpreted. Subsequently, the Greek government on May 6 asked the parliament to vote in confidence in the government.

In January of this year, due to different opinions on the change of Macedonia’s name agreement, the then Greek Defense Minister Kanmenos resigned, and his right-wing party, the Independent Greek Party, also withdrew from the ruling coalition, causing the ruling coalition to lose its parliamentary majority. Tsipras immediately asked the parliament to vote in confidence in the government he led and won the vote of confidence.

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