Guangdong “Twin Towers” ​​repaired by Tucao Park: This is the recovery expert


(Original title: Guangdong cultural relics “Twin Towers” repair disputes Park management response: color recovery will listen to different opinions and suggestions)

Recently, some netizens posted that the Qingyun Tower, an ancient building in Foshan, Guangdong Province, has been refurbished and its color has become very bright. It is accompanied by contrast photos before and after the renovation. After the posting of the post, it caused a hot discussion among netizens. Some netizens thought that the Qingyun Tower after the repair “has lost the original vicissitudes of life”, but also careful netizens noticed that the two towers before and after the renovation in the post have many differences in the structure of the building. “It seems that it is not the same tower.” .

The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned from the staff of the Shunde Shunfeng Mountain Park Management Office of Foshan, where the Qingyun Tower is located. The photo released by the netizens is indeed not the same tower. The ancient tower before the repair is the Qingyun Tower in the park. The ancient tower is another ancient pagoda in the park. The two ancient towers are often referred to by locals as “double towers” ​​and have been recently renovated.

Guangdong “Twin Towers” ​​repaired by Tucao Park: This is the recovery expert -Guangdong-“Twin-Towers”-​​repaired-by-Tucao-Park-This-is-the-recovery-expert

According to the notice of the double tower repair project released by the official WeChat public account of Shunfeng Mountain Park on the 4th, the Qingyun Tower and Taiping Tower (hereinafter referred to as “double tower”) of Shunfengshan Park started the repair project in the second half of 2018. “We are very clear that the Twin Towers are the 'spiritual towers' in the hearts of the people of Shunde, and they have pinned the 'homesickness' of the people of Shunde. We have different opinions and suggestions on the effects of repairs by some enthusiastic citizens in recent days. We will listen widely and Once again, organize relevant experts from the provinces and cities to discuss and study with some enthusiastic citizens, and properly solve the problems that everyone cares about.”

According to a description provided by the staff, it was recorded that the two towers of the park were rebuilt twice in the Qing Dynasty (1831) and the Guangxu Wuzi (1888); in 1985, they received the Shunde Brigade Township, Daliang Town Government, etc. People from all walks of life donated money to rebuild. The twin towers have not been majorly repaired for nearly 30 years, and there are many damages. It is urgent to carry out cultural relics protection and repair work on the twin towers.

Among them, Taiping Tower was announced as a cultural relic protection unit in Foshan in 2006, and Qingyun Tower was announced as a cultural relic protection unit in Guangdong Province in 2002.

The Qingyun Tower's repair plan shows that the tower base has been restored with reference to the tower bases of several ancient towers constructed at the same time as the Qingyun Tower. Some of the gray plastics added to the tower body when it was considered to be the Qingyun Tower in the Qing Dynasty have been partially peeled off. Seriously unable to identify the original gray plastic pattern, refer to the remaining part of the tower gray plastic or other buildings in the late Qing Dynasty gray pattern for pattern restoration.

In addition, the existing railings of Qingyun Tower are late restoration, iron, reddish brown, partially decayed and broken. In order to prevent the remaining decaying railings from breaking, they are replaced by metal railings, wood-like style, and the exterior is painted with maroon paint to imitate wood. Since the Qingyun Tower was built for nearly 400 years, its red plaster has fallen off, but it has not lost its color. According to the old-fashioned principle, the repairing paper is used to make the red ash of mineral red pigment. The tiles retain the green glaze of 1985 and are partially damaged for replacement. The plastering of the ventricular wall of the tower is partially peeled off, and the lighting system damages the floor. The restoration plan considers removing the lighting system inside the tower, continuing the reinforced concrete structure, shoveling the original plastering with white plastering on the wall surface, and brushing the mahogany color on the floor to restore the original wooden floor appearance.

According to the repair plan of the Taiping Tower, according to the study, the white wall and the red dragonfly are the main colors of the Taiping Pagoda, and the wall plastering is more peeling off and there are repairs in different periods. The repairing project uses paper ash as a white wall. Main plastering, partial wall surface mineral red, black pigment as plaster. The external wall cracks are treated by filling. This repair is to restore the original color.

On the 4th, Shunfengshan Park issued a document on the official WeChat public account, saying that due to the controversy caused by the renovation of the twin towers, “Since the twin towers are cultural relics protection units, our repair work needs to comply with national, provincial and municipal regulations and technologies related to cultural relics protection. The two-tower repair project was carried out in a standardized way. The two-tower repair program was carried out by the cultural relics professional unit to study the ancient tower building shape during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, as well as the repair experience of Guangzhou Chigang Tower and Pazhou Tower in the same construction period, and was approved by the provincial and municipal cultural relics departments. The construction process uses traditional techniques and materials, and the two-tower repair expert group has carried out technical guidance and quality control throughout the process.”


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