Guangzhou people are all love flowers


Guangzhou people are all love flowers -Guangzhou-people-are-all-love-flowers

Zhang Chao Chinese traditional flower arrangement national intangible cultural heritage inheritor

Guangzhou people are all love flowers -1549154683_584_Guangzhou-people-are-all-love-flowers

Wu Guanying, a famous Chinese painter and designer, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

Guangzhou people are all love flowers -1549154683_149_Guangzhou-people-are-all-love-flowers

Guangzhou people are all love flowers -1549154683_691_Guangzhou-people-are-all-love-flowers

Guangzhou people are all love flowers -1549154683_157_Guangzhou-people-are-all-love-flowers

Video: Zhang Chao talks about Guangzhou impression

Guangzhou people are all love flowers -1549154683_615_Guangzhou-people-are-all-love-flowers

Video: Wu Guanying invites you to live in Guangzhou

Guangzhou people's love for flowers has a long history, regardless of age. Flowers have long been integrated into the soul of Guangzhou people.

Today, these two flower ambassadors are all aware of the flowers, and they all use flowers as a medium to convey their artistic ideas. They have a deep relationship with Guangzhou. They have witnessed the urban development of Guangzhou, and they have also seen the love of flowers in Guangzhou.

The large-scale series of reports of the newspaper "Millennium Flower City 19" is still continuing to advance. We are looking at the doorway of flowers from 19 angles of history, economy, science and technology, culture, etc. We are also waiting for you to tell your own story of flowering and flowering.

Flower ambassador

Zhang Chao

Chinese traditional flower arrangement national intangible cultural heritage inheritor

Favorite: Cotton Tree

Reason: Cotton wool is a hero flower, people are full of blood and tides; red cotton is also a blessing flower. When we see five petals, we all say "five blessings", especially happy.

Guangzhou material richness

People live rich

Everyone loves to buy flowers

Huacheng people love flowers in their bones

Near the Spring Festival, the Yuexiu West Lake Spring Blossom City has been arranged, and the lights are bright and beaming. The location of Zhang Chao’s interview is at the Big Buddha Temple on West Lake Road.

Zhang Chao came to Guangzhou from a business trip to Beijing. One of the tasks was to supplement the collection of research materials on the application of Lingnan plants in traditional flower arrangement. When he first saw Zhang Chao, he was dressed in a white cotton and linen Tang suit, and he was playing with a set of flower arrangements, which was gentle and elegant. "I named it "Lingnan (Ying Dynasty Qing Dynasty for the picture)"," Zhang Chao said.

Looking at the work, I feel very unique: the blue-and-white pomegranate plate is decorated with common ingredients such as lettuce, celery, fennel, onion and garlic. It is matched with peach blossom and cockscomb. It is simple and elegant, revealing a spring. Zhang Chao said that the inspiration for the work originated from the previous day’s visit to the Lingnan Flower Market to buy flowers. “At that time, some people were selling a pot of lettuce. When asked, the lettuce represented the hope of 'birthing money’, peach blossom is The great glory, the cockscomb is the promotion of the fortune, the celery is industrious wisdom, the onion is smart, the silver willow has the silver floor, the cigar is the five generations of the same hall… Everything is about the head, the Guangzhou people are too interesting."

Although every day dealing with flowers from all over the world, Zhang Chao's favorite is Guangzhou City Red Cotton. He loves the red hot pink and the five-petal flower shape. "The red cotton is a hero flower. It looks like people are boiling and heart-wrenching. The red cotton is also a blessing flower. When we see five petals, we will say 'five-five flowers'. Especially happy."

For Guangzhou, Zhang Chao is no stranger. It can even be said that Guangzhou is an important stop in his life. In 1982, Zhang Chao, who was in his early 20s, was still working in a craft art factory in his hometown of Heilongjiang. In March of that year, he was sent to Guangzhou to purchase Chinese paintings. His first impression of Guangzhou was "hot". When he was late, he was willing to go out and go shopping. Jiefang South Road, Beijing Road, White Swan Hotel, South Building… The short stay of three or four days had a great impact on him. "At the time, the guest house at Jiefang South Road was air-conditioned; when the plane landed, it crossed the White Swan Hotel with white light strips; on Beijing Road, it ate the first foreign fast food in life." Zhang Chao said, from the northeastern mountains In the big world outside, his eyes were cautious and fresh and curious, and he was shocked by the changes brought about by the reform and opening up.

After more than 30 years, two scenes were deeply imprinted in his mind: one is the market before the market, the 70-year-old woman is carrying a net bag of vegetables, holding a bunch of cannon lily in one hand; At the door, the doorman walked in with a bunch of flowers. "Flowers, especially rare in us, now like coming out of TV and movies, flowers have become real life." Zhang Chao said that in the following years, he traveled to and from Guangzhou many times, and gradually became born. The idea of ​​leaving home to go out and sway. Therefore, the experience of Guangzhou has become an important turning point in his life. In recent years, in order to spread the traditional flower arrangement art, Guangzhou has become a city that Zhang Chao often comes to. In November last year, Haixinsha held the 5th China Cup Flower Arrangement Competition, and he was one of the supervisors. “As I saw when I was young, Guangzhou people loved flowers and loved them. There is a level of development, cultural genes and mass foundation for promoting traditional flower arrangement.” Zhang Chao said.

Text / Guangzhou Daily full media reporter Wu Duo

Figure / Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Liao Xueming

Flower ambassador

Wu Guanying

Famous Chinese painter and designer, professor at Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts

Favorite: Phalaenopsis

Reason: Phalaenopsis is like a butterfly, meaning happiness comes to you, and Phalaenopsis is like a primrose. When you see a butterfly, you will feel spring.

Guangzhou and his home are very similar

school days

Always come to Guangzhou

Strolling around the alley is very tasteful

Before the Spring Festival this year, Wu Guanying, a famous Chinese painter and designer and professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, came to Guangzhou with his wife from Beijing to experience the flavor of Guangfu and the creation of the wind. I heard that there is a “water flower market” in Guangzhou. Despite the hasty schedule, he and his wife still took two hours to visit Litchi Bay. After visiting the "Old Guangzhou" represented by Lichee Bay, he also went to Haixinsha to see the light show and feel the modern side.

For many philatelists, Wu Guanying's name is like a slap in the ear – the 2011 New Year Zodiac Rabbit Stamp, the 2013 Lunar New Year Zodiac Snake Stamp, the 2015 B Zodiac Sheep Stamp, and the New Year's Stamp series are all from his handwriting. More widely known, he is one of the designers of the 2008 Olympic mascot "Fuwa" and the designer of the Paralympic mascot "Fu Niu Lele".

Despite living in Beijing for many years, Wu Guanying, born in Zhongshan, Guangdong, born in Nanning, Guangxi, and growing in Ganzhou, Guangxi, is still a true southerner. "The diet, customs and language of Guangdong and Guangxi are very similar. We speak Guangxi dialect and love to eat white-cut chicken." Wu Guanying said.

In the 1980s, Wu Guanying, who went to school in Beijing, often returned to his hometown by Guangzhou. What he felt most about Guangzhou was the change of transportation from Guangzhou to Zhangzhou: he used to go back to Zhangzhou from Guangzhou. He had to go to Dashatou to take a boat. At the beginning, he was a steel cable-carrying ship. Later, he had a ship. It is a highway. In the past few years, the two cities have passed the high-speed rail. It is more convenient to travel. As a result, Wu Guanying witnessed the changes in Guangzhou, Haizhu Bridge, Guangzhou Hotel, 30-storey Baiyun Hotel, and the Garden Hotel under construction, all left a deep impression on him.

Nowadays, Wu Guanying’s return to his hometown is less frequent. He came to Guangzhou more than he did: he came from a student’s time, and later he had a wife and a child, and he dragged his family to come. “Taiwan, I have been there several times. I walked some streets and liked to go to the alley. It was especially delicious." During the conversation, Wu Guanying also asked the reporter: "What is Miss Xiguan?"

This time, Wu Guanying came to Guangzhou to collect the theme of “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers”. In recent years, he has painted a total of four postcards for this theme, one of which is the "Guangzhou Flower" series. When it comes to favorite flowers, Wu Guanying answers the "Phalaenopsis" without thinking, "because the butterfly is shaped like a butterfly, meaning happiness comes to you; and the butterfly orchid is like a primrose. When you see the butterfly, you will feel the spring coming. ""

Coincidentally, at the booth of China Post in the “Water Flower Market”, Wu Guanying’s “Year of the New Year” series of stamps and the Guangfu Yearbook series postcards were placed in the most conspicuous places. Wu Guanying pointed out his work to the reporter one by one. "You look at the "Year of the New Year" series of the Year of the Pig. This is Huanhuan. This is a hi, all wearing Tibetan robes, holding the 'Chemma' symbolizing good luck, in Tibet. Greeting the people of the country."

At the Haishan Xian Pavilion, Wu Guanying saw the flower boat that sold the annual flowers. Although it was not the kind of scenery that was imagined, it did not have a taste. He took pictures with great interest and said: "There is also a flower market in the hometown, but it is not so grand, Guangzhou has a strong annual taste."


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