Hangzhou, Zhejiang: New Year! Qiantang Riverside Light Show Happy New Year



CCTV news : New Year, many cities have upgraded and upgraded the night landscape. Every night, the colorful light show lights up the night sky and ignites enthusiasm.

In Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the wonderful Year of the Pig Lunar New Year Light Show gave people a wonderful visual feast. The theme of the light show is "Golden Pig Arch, Auspicious", which is divided into three chapters: "Resigning the Old and Welcomeing the New", "Happy Tianxi" and "Yufu Hesui". The cartoon pigs such as Piggy and McDull are on the banks of Qiantang River. . It is understood that this light show will start from the evening of February 2 and will last until February 10.

On the central axis of the Kangbashi district in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, the lights connect the urban buildings in tandem. In Dongsheng District, the local area is divided into 16 blocks according to the style. According to the characteristics of the road, different designs are designed. The lanterns are in harmony with the road streetscape, and the whole city is full of vitality. At the same time as the night sky is lit up, Dongsheng District also takes into account the effects of daytime holiday landscapes. It uses decorative lanterns, simulated illuminating trees, red lanterns, blessing bags, and birthday lights to decorate the lamps with daytime viewing effects. People can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery. At night, you can feel the rich taste of the festival during the day.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang: New Year! Qiantang Riverside Light Show Happy New Year -Hangzhou-Zhejiang-New-Year-Qiantang-Riverside-Light-Show-Happy-New-Year

In Zhengding County, Hebei Province, there are red lanterns everywhere in the streets, squares and quarters. A red lantern stretches along the streets like red silk, which not only adds festive atmosphere, but also becomes a new city. The scenery point makes the people of the ancient city feel the rich taste of the year and the flourishing development of their hometown.

In the West Lake Park in Fuzhou, Fujian, red lanterns and Chinese knots were hung on the trees by the lake. The lakeside pavilions were also adorned with festive Spring Festival couplets, and you can feel the festive atmosphere everywhere. The staff told reporters that from now on to the Spring Festival, the lights of the arch bridge, plank road and shoreline of Xihu Park will be opened every night. The shape-shaped musical fountain will change the style constantly, and the lighting effect of “Ink Night West Lake” will be built. Night scenes.


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