Heaven falls! Little girl walks and finds a value of 37,000 Australian dollars in the head of the dog – China News

BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) According to the Australian New Express website, a little girl from Bendigo, a small town in the outback of Victoria, Australia, stumbled upon a piece of dog gold, worth more than A$37,000.

According to reports, on the 12th local time, a little girl in Bendigo walked with his father, sister and pet dog in the countryside. Her dad said, “I walked directly through this dog’s head gold, but my daughter kicked it when she left. She then asked, ‘Dad, is this gold?’ I replied, I think it might be “”

The family later took the dog’s head gold to a nearby supermarket for weighing, with a mass of 624 grams. After the expert’s appraisal, it was confirmed that it was indeed a dog’s head gold. According to market price estimates, the value of this dog’s head gold is about A$37,300.

The father said: “We have experienced some difficult times, so this (a discovery) is really good.” According to reports, the family is reluctant to disclose the location of the dog’s head gold, and plans to go again to find more gold. Piece.

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