Heavy! Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Zhang Jinan revealed four major policy signals, which are related to you.


Employment is the basis of people's livelihood. In the key tasks of this year deployed by the Central Economic Work Conference, the expression of “employment priority” was used for the first time. At the same time, the meeting stressed that it is necessary to put stable employment in a prominent position and focus on solving the employment of college graduates, migrant workers, and retired military personnel.

Then, in 2018, what is the "study list" for employment in China? What measures will be taken to promote employment in 2019? In response to these problems, recently,Zhang Jinan, Minister of Human Resources and Social Security from

 Received an exclusive interview with CCTV reporters.

Heavy! Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Zhang Jinan revealed four major policy signals, which are related to you. -Heavy-Minister-of-Human-Resources-and-Social-Security-Zhang-Jinan-revealed-four-major-policy-signals-which-are-related-to-you

Zhang Jinan: New employment in urban areas has exceeded 13 million for six consecutive years

Zhang Jinan, Minister of Human Resources and Social Security, saidIn the past 2018, the employment work has made positive progress, the employment objectives and tasks have been successfully completed, and the employment situation has remained generally stable.

Specifically, it can be viewed from three aspects:

First, the employment situation is better. from

 In 2018, the number of new jobs in urban areas reached 13.61 million, an increase of 100,000 over the same period last year, and has exceeded 13 million for six consecutive years.

Second, the unemployment rate remained at a low level. from

 At the end of last year, the urban registered unemployment rate was 3.8%, which fell to a low level in recent years. The national urban survey unemployment rate continued to remain at a low level below 5%.

Third, the overall supply of jobs is greater than the number of job seekers. from

 According to the statistics of 100 cities, the ratio of recruitment in 2018 (the ratio of the number of jobs to the number of job seekers) has remained above 1 and 1.27 in the fourth quarter, indicating that one job seeker corresponds to 1.27 jobs, and the number of jobs exceeds demand. .

Under the circumstance of slowing economic growth, China's employment situation is generally stable and stable. It not only strongly supports the fundamentals of economic development, but also safeguards and improves people's livelihood. It also plays an important role in maintaining the overall situation of reform, development, and stability. Not easy. At the same time, we must also see that China is still the developing country with the largest population and labor force in the world. It is long-term, arduous and complicated to solve the employment problem. In 2019, the total employment pressure in China has not diminished. The new growth labor force that needs to be employed in urban areas still remains above 15 million. In particular, the number of college graduates has reached 8.34 million, a new high. At the same time, the structural employment conflicts are more prominent, the structural unemployment problem is highlighted, and the pressure on re-employment of some groups and some regions is very large.

Zhang Jinan said that the Central Economic Work Conference aimed at this year's new situation, new situation and new changes, and stabilized employment as the first place of the "six stables", placed in a prominent position, and specifically put forward clear requirements for doing a good job in employment. The human and social departments at all levels must conscientiously implement the spirit of the economic work conference.Highlight a main line and focus on four aspects from

 Full efforts to ensure a stable employment situation.

Highlight a main line:

It is to highlight the main line of implementation of employment priority policies, adhere to employment as a priority goal of economic development, adopt more active employment measures, focus on key points, adjust structure, keep the bottom line, and promote a virtuous circle of economic development and employment expansion.

Focus on four aspects:

First, work hard to reduce the burden on enterprises. from

 Enterprises have vitality and employment is guaranteed. We will speed up the study of implementation plans to reduce social insurance rates. Increase the intensity and extent of the return of unemployment insurance premiums (for insurance companies that do not lay off employees or lay off employees, they can return 50% of the actual unemployment insurance premiums paid in the previous year). Increase the amount of business guarantee loans, increase the individual application quota from 100,000 yuan to 150,000 yuan, and increase the application quota for small and micro enterprises from 2 million yuan to 3 million yuan. Strive to reduce burdens and increase vitality for enterprises through substantive measures.

The second is to work hard to highlight the key groups' precise policies. from

 While doing a good job in employment, we will highlight key points, do a good job in employment and entrepreneurship for key graduates such as college graduates, migrant workers, and retired military personnel, implement targeted projects and plans, strengthen real-name management and services, and organize spring breeze operations. And other employment special service activities.

The third is to work hard to strengthen the training and improve the professional skills of workers. from

 Laborers benefit from one skill and one lifetime. We will carry out large-scale vocational skills training, provide vocational training subsidies to qualified unemployed personnel, relax the conditions for enterprise employees to apply for skills subsidies, provide targeted training through multiple channels and multiple ways, and continuously improve the ability of workers to work and start businesses.

The fourth is to work hard to protect the rights and interests. from

 Increase employment assistance for people in need, ensure that “zero-employment families” are dynamically cleared, and timely implement social security benefits such as unemployment insurance. We will increase efforts to ensure the payment of wages for migrant workers, safeguard the rights and interests of workers, build harmonious labor relations, and make positive contributions to social stability.

Ministry of Human and Social Affairs: Taking multiple measures to promote the sustainable development of the pension insurance system

In terms of social security, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that in the future, it will continue to implement the universal enrollment plan, expand coverage, and increase fund income. Implement the central adjustment system of the fund, promote the national overall planning on the basis of accelerating the promotion of provincial-level overall planning, and rationally balance the burden of the inter-regional pension insurance fund. Promote fund marketization, diversification, and specialized investment to achieve value preservation and appreciation of funds. Continue to transfer some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund and improve the fund's ability to resist risks. Develop a multi-level old-age security system to meet the needs of different groups of endowment insurance.


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