Hebei autumn and winter atmospheric environment law enforcement special action: four rounds found problems 8311


Shixinzhuang, January 25 (Xinhuan) Hebei Province Ecological Environment Department revealed on the 24th that as of January 20, Hebei Province 2018-2019 autumn and winter atmospheric environmental law enforcement special actions have been carried out four rounds, accumulating various environmental issues A total of 8311, 6103 have been rectified, and the completion rate of environmental problems has reached 73%.

Hebei autumn and winter atmospheric environment law enforcement special action: four rounds found problems 8311 -Hebei-autumn-and-winter-atmospheric-environment-law-enforcement-special-action-four-rounds-found-problems-8311

Law enforcement officers conduct comprehensive law enforcement inspections of industrial enterprise gathering areas. Photo courtesy of Hebei Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment

From January 4th to 18th, Hebei launched the fourth round of atmospheric environmental law enforcement special action in autumn and winter of 2018-2019, combining cross-enforcement and roving law enforcement, on-site investigation and drone flight inspection, remote law enforcement monitoring and manual sampling. The combination of monitoring methods, a total of 9558 enterprises were inspected, and 2,435 environmental problems were found.

It is reported that Hebei continues to innovate and optimize law enforcement methods. Comprehensively implement the hidden danger warning system for environmental violations, design and produce the "Hidden Dangers of Environmental Violations", and the law enforcement groups will guide enterprises to formulate 164 sets of problem rectification plans.

It is understood that Hebei Province has targeted the process of heavy pollution in some areas, and organized environmental agencies at the city and county levels to increase the number of law enforcement personnel to the front line, encrypt the law enforcement frequency, and use the advantage of drone flight inspection to carry out 389 key enterprises. Flight inspection, monitoring, analysis, inspection found 232 clues of illegal issues.

In addition, Hebei comprehensively carried out special law enforcement inspections of coal-fired power plants, focusing on the inspection of coal consumption, coal quality, and coal transportation ratio, and found that some coal-fired power plants exceeded the standard of coal quality.

Next, Hebei will continue the special action of the fifth round of atmospheric environmental law enforcement in the autumn and winter of 2018-2019 from February to March, and carry out the “review” of the rectification of the first four rounds of issues, adhere to the goal orientation, problem orientation, and urge the environmental issues to be rectified. Upgrade. (Finish)


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