Hidden artifacts are hidden in Hebei Pingxiang 9 companies


Hidden artifacts are hidden in Hebei Pingxiang 9 companies -Hidden-artifacts-are-hidden-in-Hebei-Pingxiang-9-companies

On January 13th, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" column reported that there were safety hazards in the "Kiwa artifact" produced by individual manufacturers in Pingxiang County, Hebei Province. On January 14, the Pingxiang County Government responded that after learning of the situation, the provincial and municipal leaders requested the relevant departments and peace towns and villages to investigate and deal with them from the fast and strict. The provincial and municipal market supervision departments formed the inspection team for the first time to go to the Pingxiang site for inspection.

Pingxiang County immediately convened the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and the Standing Committee of the Government to carry out the deployment arrangements, and formed the four joint law enforcement groups headed by the deputy heads of the government. Organize market supervision, public security, environmental protection, and related townships and towns in the main producing areas to conduct night-time operations, and carry out special law enforcement inspections for enterprises in the county. At the same time, an accountability mechanism is initiated for the responsible department.

As of 12:00 noon on January 14, 176 related companies (including production and sales) have been investigated. 9 enterprises have been produced and produced, and 9 enterprises have been shut down and rectified according to the law. The products are sealed and processed, and relevant business operators are investigated and dealt with. At the same time, the emergency organization company issued a product recall notice and officially recalled the problem product on the 14th.

While dealing with the enterprises involved, Pingxiang County carried out a three-month "big investigation, large cleanup, and large rectification" activities in terms of quality improvement, safety production, and environmental protection. All the baby carriage companies in the county are surveyed by nets, and all products involved in safety hazards are thoroughly cleaned up. The problem enterprises are strictly regulated according to laws and regulations, ensuring product quality and ensuring the healthy development of Pingxiang baby carriage industry.

On the afternoon of the 14th, the municipal government held an “Emergency Meeting on Quality Improvement of Characteristic Products in the City” in Pingxiang County. The deputy mayor of the municipal government, the main leaders and leaders of the counties (cities, districts) and government leaders participated in the deployment and carried out centralized rectification in the city. Activities to fully promote product quality.Hidden artifacts are hidden in Hebei Pingxiang 9 companies -1547519713_838_Hidden-artifacts-are-hidden-in-Hebei-Pingxiang-9-companies

(Northern Youth Daily reporter Guo Linlin)


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