Hong Kong Airport "Horizon Corridor" opened in 2020 Changed boarding gate number


BEIJING, January 10 (Xinhua) According to the Hong Kong "Sing Tao Daily" website, the Hong Kong AA is building a "Horizon Corridor" to connect the Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 and the North Satellite Passenger Corridor. In the future, passengers can walk directly to the station. The boarding gate of the district is free of the pain of crowding the bus. However, in response to the connection between the two buildings, the gate number is easy to cause confusion. The AA announced on the 10th that it will change the number of 18 gates in two stages.

Hong Kong Airport "Horizon Corridor" opened in 2020 Changed boarding gate number -Hong-Kong-Airport-quotHorizon-Corridorquot-opened-in-2020-Changed-boarding-gate-number

Data map: Hong Kong International Airport. China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei photo

From March 28, 2019, the current number 15 to 22, the number will be changed to 5 to 12. When the "Horizon Corridor" is launched in 2020, it will now be located at Gates 501 to 510 of the North Satellite Passenger Corridor and will be changed to Gates 13-22.

The Bureau stated that it will update the road signs and related printed materials or online materials while changing the number. It has also consulted the relevant stakeholders (stakeholders) and will increase the number of staff to assist the passengers.

In addition, the No. 1 Passenger Terminal Building will also update the existing facilities in phases. If there is a special seat at the waiting location, a smart boarding gate and a gate information screen will also be introduced. All public restrooms will also be refurbished to facilitate passengers.


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