Hong Kong's last-generation governor has been arrogant about cross-strait affairs.


Hong Kong's last-generation governor has been arrogant about cross-strait affairs. -Hong-Kong39s-last-generation-governor-has-been-arrogant-about-cross-strait-affairs

Patten (Reuters)

Overseas Network January 10th Hong Kong's last-generation governor, Patten, has been "unwilling to be lonely" and often confessed to Hong Kong affairs. Recently, he began to swear words on the Taiwan Strait affairs and attacked "one country, two systems", and was slandered by netizens.

Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Taiwan authorities, recently stepped on the "1992 Consensus", which embodied the one-China principle, and repeatedly attacked "one country, two systems." The last Hong Kong Governor, Chris PATTEN, also jumped out of speculation and took the opportunity to attack the "one country, two systems" policy, which undermined the process of peaceful reunification between the two sides.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Patten recently attacked Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" affairs at the British Foreign Affairs Committee, arguing that Hong Kong's academic freedom and public gatherings were "suppressed" and defended the illegal "occupation of China" movement.

Patten’s remarks made the green media on the island of Taiwan “smashed”, but more was the pain of netizens in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The netizen commented that Peng Dingkang was "hypocritical" and "hands were extended to Taiwan." "There is a saying that others have no mouth to say that they are themselves." And Hong Kong netizens yelled "PATTEN is going fast. Are you not enough to harm Hong Kong?"

Hong Kong's last-generation governor has been arrogant about cross-strait affairs. -1547142334_231_Hong-Kong39s-last-generation-governor-has-been-arrogant-about-cross-strait-affairs

Hong Kong's last-generation governor has been arrogant about cross-strait affairs. -1547142334_852_Hong-Kong39s-last-generation-governor-has-been-arrogant-about-cross-strait-affairs

Hong Kong's last-generation governor has been arrogant about cross-strait affairs. -1547142334_31_Hong-Kong39s-last-generation-governor-has-been-arrogant-about-cross-strait-affairs

In recent years, Patten has repeatedly pointed out the role of the Governor in Hong Kong on the internal affairs of Hong Kong. Last year, he offered the "Sino-British Joint Declaration" as a "amulet" and touted the "Hong Kong independence" elements such as Liang Tianqi and Huang Zhifeng. Comment on Hong Kong's democracy with words such as “very slow” and “surprise” and describe the “occupation” of illegality with “moral high ground”. It was "too shameless" by Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po", and its attitude was arrogant, but the content was not worth a glimpse. "The politician's face is full of enthusiasm and rap." Because of Hong Kong, "opening up, clear and clear, Hong Kong after July 1, 1997 is part of China and has nothing to do with the United Kingdom."

Regarding Patten's words and deeds, Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao also commented that a long-lost British politician has repeatedly looked at the "Hong Kong independence" forces. Is it unwilling to be lonely or not? But the fact is that although the Hong Kong SAR and the UK still have many trades, the future of Hong Kong has long had nothing to do with Britain. Regardless of the bad track in Hong Kong that year, Patten continued to attack and discredit Hong Kong. Not only did he not help the "Hong Kong independence" elements, but he helped.

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mrs Carrie Lam, also expressed his position on PATTEN's remarks. When asked if "I will be able to refuse the entry of former Governor PATTEN in the future," she said, "I cannot rule out any possibility." On July 1, last year, Lin Zheng Yuexi made it clear that in the past year, the SAR government adhered to the "one country" principle. In the big and the big, the attitude is absolutely unambiguous. It will not tolerate the act of touching the national bottom line. It will handle the central and Hong Kong SAR without fear and fear. Relations strengthen the understanding of the Constitution, the Basic Law and national security.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying has repeatedly stressed that since the reunification of Hong Kong, the "one country, two systems" policy, "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy have been effectively implemented. It is ridiculous for the United Kingdom to be a supervisor and to make irresponsible remarks about Hong Kong affairs. I have repeatedly stressed that Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs. No foreign country has the right to intervene. The so-called "responsibility" of the United Kingdom against Hong Kong does not exist.


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