How good is "Wandering Earth"?


"The Wandering Earth" is really hard.

It may be that this day waited too long.

Just yesterday evening, there was a rumor in the editorial team of the World Wide Web:

"Blasting! Wall cracking recommended! Finally caught up with Hollywood!"

The group of people who shouted the group was a 70-year-old, and they often dive as the editor-in-chief of the World Wide Web.

It’s rare to show up in the Chinese New Year, and all of them are made of 0.01 yuan red packets.

More than one.

A movie can actually tear him off.

The movie is called "The Wandering Earth."

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

Last night at 11:45,

Sit in a person’s cinema,

Verify why the editor-in-chief is embarrassing.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412383_996_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412384_975_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

In fact, before the film was released, there was enough preheating.

It has long been labeled as "China's first hardcore science fiction film".

Prominent is the "hard core."

Director Guo Fan and starring Wu Kyoto accepted an interview with the ring.

One said that Chinese people must bring "home" when they flee, emphasizing that Chinese science fiction should reflect the Chinese people's feelings for the land.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412384_303_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

Guo Fan, director of "Wandering Earth", was interviewed by the Global Times. Photography / Li Wei

One said that 2019 is the first year of Chinese cinema, and our narrative no longer begins in 1840, and the future is close at hand.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412384_5_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

Wu Jing accepted an exclusive interview with the Global Times.

One is very "township" and one is very "burning".

It sounds very "promotional."

The movie was released, two o'clock in the morning of the New Year's Day.

Start writing this text –

These two men plus the editor-in-chief did not exaggerate rendering.

The following is a high degree of spoiler risk, please read carefully.

The story of the movie is actually very old-fashioned:

In the future, the earth will be harmed to be no longer livable.

Beijing and Shanghai have become big hail.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412384_525_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

When human beings hide in the underground city, the blue sky and white clouds rely on imagination.

Launch the "navigator" program and install the engine on the earth.

To use 100 generations, 2500 years, to take the Earth to escape the solar system,

Go to the new galaxy to transfer.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412384_354_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

But when passing through the oversized Jupiter, it is attracted by the gravity of this fat man.

I almost got rid of the ball.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412384_986_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

A team of heroes, and a pair of heroes and fathers come forward,

Save the planet.

Really, it is not the Americans who are saving the earth, they are Chinese.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412385_574_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

Liu Qi, Qu Chuxiao

The comrades around the Chinese are Russians, quite derogatory, and sacrificed for the Chinese protagonist.

It’s the Japanese who shot themselves in desperate circumstances.

It’s Indians who say that they are discouraged.

At the last moment, I was the first to realize that it was Koreans who went back to help the Chinese save the planet.

The whole film does not seem to find Americans, only one star and strip flag…

Is this the unique worldview of the Chinese today?

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412385_656_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

The whole "travel of the earth", there are no wicked people, only desperate.

There are also artificial intelligences that are rational and unintentional at key moments.

Does this reflect the values ​​of the original author Liu Cixin?

"The Wandering Earth" is really hard.

The effects are very hard, the process of the universe escape and the grand scenes are very hard.

It’s a pity that preaching seems to be a bit hard (mainly Wu Jing’s lines).

But it does not affect the audience to experience the shock of "Chinese science fiction has been so cattle."

The impression of our generation on "Chinese science fiction" should begin with "霹雳贝贝".

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412385_411_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

The feeling of watching a movie as a child is envy – how can I not have electricity on my body, can I not change the traffic light than a pistol?

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412385_196_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

According to Wu Jing, this is the seed that is planted in the heart of science fiction.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412385_313_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

How did this kind of child sprout with "Independence Day", "Transformers", "Mars Rescue" and "Ground Gravity"?

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412385_583_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

"Mars Rescue" stills

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412386_549_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

Remember the feeling of seeing Avatar for the first time?

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412386_937_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

Is there a psychological impact of how Americans are so bullish?

And what about our Chinese science fiction?

Looking at "Avatar" and thinking about Chinese science fiction, it’s not like watching the World Cup finals in 1998 in France against Brazil.

Suddenly remembered that the national football was alive and kicking, but Ali Ai Dai.

Until the science fiction "Three-body" appeared.

I especially want to thank Liu Cixin,

Prove that the Chinese people's imagination is no worse than the Westerners.

It proves that the Chinese people's goal is not only the stars and the sea, but also the "dark forest" where the universe is a weak meat.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412386_778_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

"Wandering Earth" makes us believe that the Chinese have made the "Three-body" into a movie, and it will never be used for 2,500 years.

In fact, Chinese science fiction started very early.

Before the liberation, there was this "Sixty Years After Going to the Beach":

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412386_645_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

When Grandpa Ge was young, he also shot the Ministry of the Air, which disappeared.

Seeing the stills feels inexplicable.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412386_236_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

The movie was scattered, and in the early hours of Beijing’s New Year’s Day, the streets were empty.

How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412386_110_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot

After writing this manuscript in the roadside car, in addition to "Wandering Earth", and "I am not a drug god."

China can also take pictures of the heart of the film, hardcore science fiction,

very excited.

Unfortunately, Chinese filmmakers are embarrassed about the Chinese men’s soccer team.

You progress, leaving the country alone to smear the sea.


How good is "Wandering Earth"? -1549412387_801_How-good-is-quotWandering-Earthquot


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