How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points


BEIJING, January 11th, Beijing City Sub-center will build a city without "urban disease" in the future. In this regard, Beijing Vice Mayor Zhen Zhenjiang said today that the construction of a Beijing city sub-center without "urban disease" in the future is a demonstration for Beijing to solve the "big city disease", and it is necessary to plan ahead and prevent "urban disease". He introduced that in the future, seven aspects will be taken as the focal point to build a Beijing city sub-center without “urban disease”.

How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points -How-to-build-a-Beijing-city-sub-center-without-urban-diseases-These-seven-aspects-are-the-key-points

The data map is "Xiong's first standard" – aerial photography of Xiong'an Citizen Service Center. Photo courtesy of China Construction Third Bureau

The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference this morning to introduce the planning and construction of the Xiong'an New District of Hebei Province and the Beijing Sub-center. The deputy mayor of Beijing, Zhen Zhenjiang, responded at the meeting.


– more rationally establish urban layout and structure With the standard of harmony and livability, the population density will be controlled within 0.9 million/km2. Now there are many people in the core area, the density is high, and the congestion of the city is more, and it is necessary to have reasonable control over the urban layout. At the same time, optimize the production, living, and ecological spatial structure, and greatly increase the scale of the ecological space. 40% of the urban sub-centers are ecological spaces. It is not green or water. Generally, the new city has never had such a high ecological space.


– Establish a better job relationship The ratio of industrial land and residential land will be adjusted from 1:1.3 to 1:2, and will be balanced by 2035. Basically, it will work in the sub-center and live in the sub-center. Encourage functional compatibility and compound utilization, and meet the needs of residents' work, residence, and leisure. Improve the housing system, establish a sound housing security system and commodity housing control system. Strengthen the coupling with public transportation, and realize that the rail transit of the residential area and the key functional area can be reached by one transfer.


– Establish a more convenient public transport system The density of the planned rail transit line of the city's sub-center reaches 1.1-1.2 km/km2, and the density is still relatively high. Establish more comfortable green transportation, build a small block, a dense road network, and build a 230-kilometer urban greenway, so that the public can fully appreciate the charm of walking on the waterfront, parks, streets, and squares.

How to build a Beijing city sub-center without urban diseases? These seven aspects are the key points -1547191306_677_How-to-build-a-Beijing-city-sub-center-without-urban-diseases-These-seven-aspects-are-the-key-points

Data Map: Baiyangdian, the "Pearl of North China" in Xiong'an New District. China News Service reporter Yan Yujia photo


——To create a better ecological environment In-depth implementation of the atmospheric, water, soil pollution prevention action plan, the implementation of large-scale afforestation, to achieve a per capita green area of ​​30 square meters, through 163 kilometers of continuous waterfront coastline, to create a pleasant waterfront environment.


——Building a more resilient and safe urban security system Establish new municipal facilities such as the Bi-Water Recycling Center, take into account the city's municipal functions and landscape service needs, and establish a natural ecological sponge city system.


——To create a more balanced public service system The construction group center and home center will build a 5-15-30 minute living circle to meet the multi-level living needs of the residents and make the city more temperature. The construction of world-class cultural facilities, mainly the cultural facilities at the sub-central level of the city, is regional-level in terms of scale and grade, showing historical heritage and cultural taste, meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the residents, and making the city more tolerant.

At the same time, Zhen Zhenjiang pointed out that the city's sub-center is not a blank piece of paper, there are many old towns, and now most of the 100 square kilometers are still built areas, and it is necessary to promote the old, the old and the new, and carry out the double repair of the old city during the implementation process. ——Ecological restoration, urban repair, make up for the imperfections in the function of the old city, and let the people have a real sense of gain. It is necessary to rationally grasp the rhythm, maintain historical patience, gradually manage the "urban disease", and build a city that does not have "urban disease" in the future, and actively and actively dock the non-capital functions of the central city to further improve the central city, especially the core city. The environment and operational quality ensure the effective and efficient operation of the central political center function and do a good job of “four services”. This is the main goal of the construction of the city's sub-center.


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