How to identify fake train tickets? You have to pay special attention to these two "codes"


How to identify fake train tickets? You have to pay special attention to these two "codes" -How-to-identify-fake-train-tickets-You-have-to-pay-special-attention-to-these-two-quotcodesquot

During the Spring Festival, many passengers began to worry about buying train tickets. However, many lawless elements used the psychology of passengers to purchase tickets and manufacture fake train tickets. How to distinguish between true and false tickets? The Shenyang Railway Police reminded that the information in the upper left and lower right corners of the ticket can be used to identify fake tickets.

According to the introduction of the police of the Shenyang Railway Public Security Bureau, I have to pay attention to the identification of the true and false tickets. There is a string of codes in the upper left corner of the ticket, which consists of one English letter and six Arabic numerals. There is a QR code in the lower right corner. You can get the number of trips and other information by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone.

Qi Yida said: "The printing quality of the real train ticket is relatively high, the ink writing is clear and not easy to fade, and when the ticket is bent, it will make a crisp sound."

The reporter learned from the Shenyang Railway Public Security Department that during the Spring Festival, the Shenyang Railway Public Security Department concentrated on organizing the fight against the "Falcon – 2019" campaign, strengthening the station's position prevention and control, using police and cross strikes in different places, and clearing up the rectification station area. Ticket activity.

In addition, the Shenyang Railway Public Security Department has also strengthened data review and judgments such as Internet ticket sales and telephone bookings, implemented tracking and tracking, and conducted a full-scale encirclement of illegal and criminal activities. Strengthen Internet patrols, timely coordinate the local public security organs' disposal of software, post bars, forums, QQ groups, WeChat groups, etc., and resolutely crack down on the smuggling behavior according to law.

The Shenyang Railway Police reminds the majority of passengers that they should purchase tickets through regular channels when travelling to avoid inconvenience to the journey. In case of unexpected situations, they can contact the police in time.

Reporter Hong Kerun Zhang Huihui


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