Important reminder! Please delete the ID photo in your mobile photo album now!


The development of the network and the popularity of the real-name system have made us more and more occasions when we need to use ID cards to handle business with various types of apps.

For the sake of convenience, many people are used to storing a photo of an ID card in a mobile phone photo album in case of emergency. In fact, this is endless!

Mobile phone to store ID card photos

Hidden huge risks

Many people may not have thought that such a "convenience" behavior may bring great risks behind it.

China Mobile posted a message on its official Weibo 10086Risk Science News on "Mobile Phones to Store ID Card Photos" And this is related to a series of recent cases involving the use of ID card photos in mobile phones to modify the owner information and steal the owner's deposit.

A man named Li surnamed the lost mobile phone of Mr. Zhao. When he browsed his mobile phone photo album, he found that his photo album contained Mr. Zhao’s identity card photo. Li suddenly felt mourned.

Using this ID card photo, Mr. Zhao’s Alipay account was successfully modified, and the balance in the account was smoothly transferred. At the same time, a large number of overdraft credits such as flowers, borrowing, etc. were borrowed. , caused a great loss to the owner Zhao.

Important reminder! Please delete the ID photo in your mobile photo album now! -Important-reminder-Please-delete-the-ID-photo-in-your-mobile-photo-album-now

Stealing ID card photos in mobile phones

Black industry chain has been formed

In addition, some insiders said thatA very mature black chain has been formed throughout the country. They specifically target those lost mobile phones, and even specialize in stealing users’ mobile phones. The purpose is not to sell mobile phones, but to“Extracting” the financial assets in the mobile phone.

Some users have lost their mobile phones, and there are ID card photos stored in the mobile phone albums. As a result, the payment of the treasures has been stolen for more than tens of thousands, and the amount is far greater than the value of the mobile phones.

Be sure to delete the phone

ID card and other private information

Therefore, the hidden dangers caused by the storage of personal information such as ID cards in mobile phones, in order to prevent them from being deleted, would be a big problem if they were used by others.Be aware of the privacy information below, and take care of it –

ID card

account password

Mobile phone verification code

Apple ID/password

Various documents

Positioning information, etc.

(Source: Labor News)


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