In 2002, Tahira Bano’s husband left their home in Indian-adm

In 2002, Tahira Bano's husband left their home in Indian-adm -In-2002-Tahira-Banos-husband-left-their-home-in-Indian-adm

In 2002, Tahira Bano’s husband left their home in Indian-administered Kashmir for a trip to the capital New Delhi. He never returned. Since then Bano has been seeking answers about what happened to him. She is one of about 1,500 women known as “half-widows”. Their husbands are among some 8,000 people who have disappeared in the years following an uprising by Kashmiris opposed to Indian rule, which began in 1989.


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  1. museumofkashmir says

    Thank you for this.

  2. axstarography says

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Sir sir sir 🥺🙌

  3. yo_ung_tr says

    Human right abused by goverment of india

  4. absar_mohammad121 says

    Gteat work 👏

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  6. travisphotographyinsta says

    Not worse as Xinjiang province. 😢

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  8. sahirkapra_ says

    Heart wrenching💔💔😭 #indianillegallyoccupiedkashmir😥

  9. baxiilah_ says

    This is heartbreaking

  10. zuhaibhilal says

    Kashmir 💔 Beautiful Hell

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  12. username_shiraz says

    Illegal Indian occupation needs an end.

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  15. slimdestro says

    Every country has some flaws. Some are natural and some are man made

  16. hennymonopoly1 says

    He found a new wife

  17. afshin.samardia says

    Bashar al-Assad demands oil, and the Iran he sends reveals the location of the ships in Bashar al-Assad’s path. In this way, Syria has supported the United States and has kidded Iran and the Iranian people in Syria.

  18. calamita.jolie says

    Just here to say China has the right to defend themselves !!!!!! God bless China we love you you are doing good job, India should learn secularism from you ! No to radical religious

  19. muskaann.x_ says

    Death to oppressors #freekashmir 💔

  20. zdennedz says

    Fuck India

  21. junaid_siddiqui_9 says

    Great job….masterpiece @harisjeelanitoogo

  22. nazishsherwani says

    @harisjeelanitoogo 🙌🙌

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    Incredible @harisjeelanitoogo ❤️🔥

  24. tilll_udwig says

    Es ist nie zu spät, nützliche Zeichen zu setzen. So froh, dass das Risiko positiv ausgefallen ist Ich freue mich über meine Begegnung mit @fischer_thomson69

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