Individuals being fined huge amounts?Official: Those who market condom-shaped candy to minors without a bottom line have been lightly punished as appropriate.

According to the WeChat account “Jiangxi Business” on September 13, some people have recently reported that the Jiujiang Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in Jiangxi Province has imposed huge and excessive fines on individuals.

In response, the Jiujiang Municipal Administration for Market Regulation responded: After on-site inspection and investigation, it was found that the party Xu Moumou and the party Feng Moumou were husband and wife. Without applying for any licenses, the two purchased raw materials, candy mold production and processing, “condom” shaped candies and other candies containing pornographic and vulgar information packaging on their own, and falsely used other people’s factory names and addresses through online platforms and WeChat Moments. and other methods are sold to minors across the country, seriously affecting the physical and mental health of minors. A total of 2.3 tons of candy products, raw materials and other items involved in the case were seized at the scene.

The Jiujiang Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau stated that the parties involved were producing and operating food without licenses and licenses, and also used pornographic shapes and pornographic information packaging to “bottom-line marketing” to minors. The nature is very bad, the illegal circumstances are very serious, and the social impact is extremely bad. Later, taking into account the family difficulties of the parties concerned, the penalty was significantly reduced. According to the law, the parties were severely fined 100,000 yuan for illegal production and sales that did not comply with legal regulations (no bottom-line shaped candy), and illegal production and sales of food without a license. The behavioral penalty was reduced from the previous fine of 18 times the value of the goods to a fine of 4.2 times. Therefore, the total amount of fines and confiscations was reduced from 1.5 million yuan to 417,290 yuan.

According to reports, the WeChat public account “Jiangxi Business” was jointly established by the Jiangxi Provincial Business Environment Optimization Office and Jiangxi Daily. It is the country’s first all-media business platform.

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