Inheriting the revolutionary tradition and creating the belief in the life of young experts


Inheriting the revolutionary tradition and creating the belief in the life of young experts -Inheriting-the-revolutionary-tradition-and-creating-the-belief-in-the-life-of-young-experts

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the great New China. We came to the foot of Shanghai Oriental Pearl and interviewed the famous young oral expert Dr. Huang Wei. There are many auras on her head: star dentists, network v, public welfare celebrities. She still has a little known identity, that is, the “red three generations” in people's eyes.

Her outpatient clinic is also quite distinctive, with a red cultural showroom, a precious handwriting of the older generation of revolutionaries, and various medals on the wall. Dr. Huang Wei’s grandfather was a founding ambassador and followed the demise of Shanghai by Marshal Chen Yi. “Our clinic is on Binjiang Avenue. Every time I sacrificed a warrior here at the Battle of Shanghai, it was a grandfather’s sire. The blood of the martyrs at that time was soaked in this film. Land!” Dr. Huang Wei said. “We are here to showcase the precious red collections, respond to President Xi’s call, promote the red culture, inherit the red genes, and carry forward the party’s glorious tradition and fine style!”

Born in a medical family, Huang Wei’s temperament is elegant and beautiful. Her grandmother is a famous internal medicine expert. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the first batch of medical students and the famous hepatobiliary surgeon Wu Mengchao’s students. Teacher Huang Wei told us: “In the war years, my grandmother was on the front line to treat the wounded. The red cross flag fluttered high. She was my role model since she was a child. She let me know that there is a power called humanitarian spirit. I am willing to relieve the pain for patients. Inheriting the clothes, it is duty-bound.”

As a well-known oral expert, she has been providing free oral counseling and oral science to people at home and abroad for more than ten years. It is even more commendable that she regularly leads her team to help people who need help, and self-proclaimed materials. And processing fees for people who do have difficulties to treat and install dentures for free!

We asked her during the interview: Does it feel so hard? What supports her to persist? She said: “The hard work is there. Have you heard this sentence? There are people who are stronger than the average person. They are just one more thing than others. – Faith, our ancestors are the old Red Army, 'Perseverance, Self-improvement, courageously forward, the 12-character Long March spirit is the source of strength to overcome difficulties on our way forward! When I was a child, my parents often said: To be useful to the society! Remember, we are making revolutions to make the people good. Days, don't forget the poor, give back to the community!”

Today, her Helen medical team and dental center are located in the prosperous Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. It has become a “business card” for the social medical doctors in Pudong New Area. She has also become a well-deserved youth model!


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