Is it a child abuse now? 2 Boys have a suspicion of being abused on the face. Street Office: Loss of control


(Original title: Shenzhen is now child abuse? The street office is called "loss of management"

After the incident of child abuse in Baoan, Shenzhen, some netizens reported that two other boys in Longgang District of Shenzhen were suspected of being “abused” by their parents and had injuries on their faces. On January 10, the staff of the Yuanshan Sub-district Office in Longgang District, Shenzhen told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that after receiving the report, the sub-district office had organized relevant departments to verify the specific situation. After checking the children’s parents, there was indeed “loss of management”. However, it is currently not recognized as child abuse. The relevant department has given the child a medical examination and visited the child's home. The follow-up questions for the child will be communicated to the relevant reporters and parents.

Is it a child abuse now? 2 Boys have a suspicion of being abused on the face. Street Office: Loss of control -Is-it-a-child-abuse-now-2-Boys-have-a-suspicion-of-being-abused-on-the-face.-Street-Office-Loss-of-control

In the video released by netizens, a little boy had bruises in his left eye corner and a piece of hair was shaved. The clothes worn by the boy were dirty. In another video, the boy's brother is crawling on the street wearing a diaper. The person who shoots the video has been saying that someone is looking for a boy or mother at home.

The reporter told the Beiqing Daily that the older boy Xiaowen (a pseudonym) was less than 4 years old, and the younger boy Xiaowu (a pseudonym) was 2 years old. According to their understanding, when two children are hungry, there is no meal, and parents occasionally slap or use a stick to play two children. The person who broke the news said that the child's father usually does odd jobs, the mother does not work, and the two are not married, causing problems in the child's household registration, affecting the child's normal kindergarten. At home, children's parents rarely look after their children, leaving their children at home or hanging out.

On January 10th, the child's father, Mr. Nie, responded to the reporter of Beiqing Daily, saying that parents usually play children occasionally, but they do not think it is abuse. Mr. Nie said that he is working on zero wages outside the home, the mother of the child is not working, and suffers from a kidney disease. The family's economic conditions are general, so the children's diet can't keep up with the nutrition. The child's father said that he had already returned to his hometown to handle the relevant household registration procedures. As for whether he would send the children to kindergarten in the follow-up, he still had to see if there was any money at home.

Shenzhen Longgang District Park Hill received the staff of the Propaganda Department of the office to introduce the reporter of Beiqing Daily. After receiving the visit, the Sub-district Office has organized relevant departments to intervene. As far as the current situation is concerned, it should not belong to child abuse, but the parents do have losses. Loss of teaching. At present, the relevant departments have taken the child for a physical examination and will treat the child with dental caries. The staff introduced that the child's mother said that the injury on Xiaowen's face was accidentally picked up, and it is much better now. Relevant departments have also urged parents to open accounts for their children as soon as possible in order to solve the problem of admission. For some people who wish to take their children away from home to the welfare home, the staff said that the street office will consider the issue of boy support and communicate with parents and loved ones.

Source: Beiqing Net – Beijing Youth Daily

Author: Guo Linlin


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