“Islamic State” claims to build “province” in India | Katz –

“Islamic State” claims to build “province” in India

Yangcheng Evening News

On the 10th, the “Islamic State” announced through the vocal channel Amak News Agency that a new “province” was established in India. According to Reuters, this is the first time this extremist organization has declared a province in India.

The “Islamic State” announced the decision in a statement and claimed that members of the organization killed Indian soldiers in the Saubian area of ​​India-controlled Kashmir.

Earlier in the day, the Indian police said in a statement that the security forces exchanged fire with armed men in the Saubian area and killed an armed person who was Ishfaq Ahmed Sophie. The statement said that the operation was “clean and neat” and did not cause other losses.

Indian security officials say Sophie is suspected of launching several grenade attacks against security forces. He is believed to have joined a number of extremist organizations active in Kashmir before loyalty to the Islamic State.

An Indian military officer who did not want to be named told Reuters that the extremists associated with the Islamic State in India-controlled Kashmir may be only Sophie.

Rita Katz, an analyst at the International Terrorist Organization Search Intelligence Group, said that the “Islamic State” claims to be a “ridiculous” in the establishment of the province in India, which is obviously “big talk”, but “we can’t simply ignore it.”

Katz said: “People may be turning this eye on this progress, but for extremists in fragile areas, this is a symbolic gesture that can lay the foundation for their reconstruction of the ‘caliphate country.'”

The “Islamic State” lost all its territory in Iraq and Syria, re-entered the “old strategy” and adopted suicide attacks and “playing and running” strategies to maintain its influence. The movement of this extremist organization in Southeast Asia and South Asia is equally worrying.

Many churches and high-end hotels in the capitals of Sri Lanka, Colombo and Batticaloa, suffered a series of explosions on April 21, killing about 250 people and injuring more than 500 people. The “Islamic State” claimed to launch an attack, but the available evidence cannot confirm the direct involvement of this extremist organization.

(Xinhua News Agency)

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