Japan approves new leukemia drug to be included in medical insurance pricing of 34.49 million yen – News News News

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) According to the Kyodo News Agency, on May 15, local time, the Japan Central Social Insurance Medical Association approved the new drug “Kymriah” for the treatment of leukemia from the 22nd. It is reported that the drug only needs to be used once, and the price is 34.49 million yen (about RMB 2.1 million).

The report said that the drug has a good effect on patients who have no treatment available. After being included in the medical insurance, most of the costs of using “Kymriah” will be borne by Japanese public insurance.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, at the peak, the number of patients using the drug will reach 216 a year, and the total cost will be 7.2 billion yen. Because the amount of the drug is very high, there are concerns that Japan’s medical finance will be affected.

It has been reported that the drug enhances its attack on cancer by altering the genes of immune cells collected from patients, mainly for the treatment of patients under the age of 25 with “B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia” in blood cancer and “diffusely large” Patients with B-cell lymphoma are limited to patients who are not responding to anticancer drugs. Because of the serious side effects such as high fever and low blood pressure, treatment can only be carried out in hospitals that can collect cells and can cope with side effects. It is expected that the initial stage will only be carried out in several hospitals.

It is reported that the drug will be manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical giant Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Tokyo). Because the drug needs to cryopreservate the patient’s own cells and transport them to the United States for processing, and cannot be mass produced, the price is so high.

It is reported that “Kymriah” is priced at US$475,000 (approximately RMB 3.26 million) in the United States.

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