Japan's Fukuoka changed its school uniform trousers design after 70 years – News – China News

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) According to Japanese media reports, on May 14th, local time, the review committee of Fukuoka City High School in Japan held a meeting on the uniforms worn by students, and decided the basic style of student uniforms from the spring of 2020. It is reported that in the new school uniforms, skirts, trousers and culottes are widely used for students to choose.

According to reports, this is a 70-year-old Fukuoka re-examine the middle school uniform. Previously, the basic styles of school uniforms in Fukuoka City High School were boys’ collars and girls sailors.

It is reported that the review committee composed of the Principal and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) has repeatedly discussed whether the uniforms are “corresponding to the heat and cold”, “easy to move” and “careful minority”.

According to the report, the basic style of school uniforms announced on the 14th is a light suit jacket. In addition to skirts and trousers, the bottoms also use the design of the culottes. The review committee said: “We hope that no matter who you are, you can live a safe and comfortable school life with personal characteristics.”

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