Jilin Province promotes the continued growth of the “winter fishing +” industry (Economic Focus)

River and lake projects have been solidly implemented, and fisheries have developed rapidly; the industrial chain has been actively extended, and the added value of products has been continuously improved; cultural and tourism innovation scenes have been created to expand industrial space… Since this year, Jilin Province has created a “winter fishing economic belt” in the west, promoting the first and second , three industries are integrated and developed, the “winter fishing +” industry continues to develop and grow, and the ice and snow economy grows rapidly.


On the banks of Chagan Lake, tourists carefully watch the spectacular scene of “fish rising from the ice lake”; in the fishery compound, fish meat is processed into dumplings and sold everywhere; in the ice and snow park, parents take their children to experience roller skates, ski circles and other projects… Songhua, western Jilin The Nenjiang River, the largest tributary of the Yangtze River, winds its way from north to south, leaving a large number of marshes along the way. Songyuan, Baicheng and other places combine to form vast water bodies, laying a good foundation for the development of the ice and snow economy.

This year, Jilin Province will build a “winter fishing economic belt” in the west by leveraging the flow of tourists to promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. At present, winter fishing activity clusters represented by Chagan Lake, Xianghai, Yueliangpao and Harnao have been formed in Songyuan, Baicheng and other places, and the “winter fishing +” industry continues to develop and grow. “The popularity of Jilin’s ‘Winter Fishing Economic Belt’ is not an isolated case. Behind it is the popularity of the entire Northeast ice and snow economy.” said Sun Guangzhi, director of the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

Connecting rivers and lakes to help fisheries prosper

In the early morning, the sun shines through the cold fog and fills the ice-covered lake, and the traditional ceremony begins. The sound of drums and the sound of the piano and the sound of horses, and the call of the fisherman’s head echoed on the lake…

At the opening ceremony of the 22nd Ice and Snow Fishing and Hunting Culture and Tourism Festival in Chagan Lake, Songyuan City, four strong horses were pulling the winch in circles. The fishing net was like a conveyor belt, driving tens of thousands of fresh fish out of the lake in a steady stream, and on the ice. Bouncing on the lake. “I picked a big fish on the fishing net, weighing more than 20 kilograms, and I have already bought it!” Ms. Li, a tourist from Liaoning, kept recording the harvest in the lake with her mobile phone.

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