Jin Mengxi: 5.12 crude oil weekly line Yangyang homeopathic gold repeated shocks to see the interval _ international crude oil market – China Gold Onlin

Text / Jin Mengxi

Crude oil this week, except for Monday’s volatility, has remained strong in the range for another four trading days. Affected by the news, after a low opening on Monday, it quickly rebounded, and the lowest point just touched the core position of 60 US dollars. The key support for this wave of callback is 60 US dollars. The trend of bulls above this price There will be no change, but the short-term will be repeated. After the shock and power, there will be a possibility of high in the future. After the weekly line rises, the correction will continue. The daily line has been maintained in the lower part of the Bollinger Band. At the beginning, the shock is still dominant, but you need to pay attention to the watershed break. The top 63 and the lower 60 are related to the subsequent trend direction. In general, there is no short position before the short position continues to keep high and low, and at the same time, pay attention to follow-up after the break. .

The Zhongyang line, which is almost the same length above the weekly line, indicates that crude oil has the kinetic energy of upward rebound. Combined with the Yinxian line of last week’s long shadow, this week’s return to the bottom is in line with the expected trend. On the daily line, a cross star with a very long upper shadow line, first of all, the upper shadow line is generated because the empty force is greater than the multi-party power. After the opening, the bulls are unable to attack, and the empty side is pressed, and the oil price falls from the high position to form the upper shadow line. The longer the hatching, the greater the resistance, and the lowering of the downward trend, which means that the multi-headed chassis is involved, but it cannot effectively curb the selling pressure. The long and short sides have gradually turned to evenly matched forces, but the existence of uncertainty has caused oil prices to rise. However, the price of oil is still still trapped in the shock zone. Keeping the shock consolidation after the 62.90 high is not recovered, the overall rhythm has slowed down.

Jin Mengxi: 5.12 crude oil weekly line Yangyang homeopathic gold repeated shocks to see the interval _ international crude oil market - China Gold Onlin -

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