Junior high school students find cancer symptoms like a cold Mother sells 5 million houses to cure


(Original title: 14-year-old boy found cancer, the symptoms are very similar to a cold! Mother sold 5 million houses in Hangzhou to cure)

There are many people who have a cold in the winter. The 14-year-old junior high school student Xiao Xiao (pseudonym) has had a fever and cough for a while, and occasionally feels unable to breathe, thinking that he is also cold.

He first drank more water and bought some cough syrup. After two weeks, the symptoms did not ease, and he ate a cold medicine for a week. It is still not good. I took a CT scan at the hospital and found that there was a 18cm mass in the left lung. The final puncture was diagnosed as malignant lymphoma.

"Fever, cough, I think it is a small cold, who thinks it will be cancer. Only 14-year-old child, taking medicine, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, people are tortured, it is not good, and finally carried Come to Hangzhou to find a doctor." Yesterday morning, Xiao Xiao mother recalled.

Junior high school students find cancer symptoms like a cold Mother sells 5 million houses to cure -Junior-high-school-students-find-cancer-symptoms-like-a-cold-Mother-sells-5-million-houses-to-cure

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Junior high school students think that they have a cold

One is lymphoma

Xiao Xiao is studying in Hangzhou, the head of 1 meter, tall and thin, very lively. After entering the winter last year, she played football at school, occasionally feeling chest tightness, unable to breathe, and later had symptoms of fever and cough.

The winter air is not good, and the temperature changes greatly. There are many people who have a cold, and he is not in the heart. After taking a few weeks of medicine, my mother took him to the hospital for an examination.

Xiao Xiao's mother said that she had not found cancer at the beginning and thought it was pneumonia. Because CT found that half of the left lung was a lump, it was 18 cm in full, and it seemed that half of the lungs were gone. "The treatment was not good for a while, and finally the puncture was diagnosed as a malignant lymphoma."

Just 14-year-old child, how can I bear it! The family went to Shanghai and Beijing, invited foreign experts to consult, take medicine, chemotherapy, autologous bone marrow transplantation, all the methods were used, and sold 5 million houses in Hangzhou for treatment.

However, the effect is not ideal. After chemotherapy, the lung mass of Xiaoxiao was reduced from 18cm to 13cm, but it quickly relapsed. The lymphoma metastasized to the mediastinum, and it was pressed into the esophagus. Even the rice could not be swallowed.

Zhang Weiping, director of the oncology department of Zhongshan Hospital of Zhejiang Province, was very impressed. When Xiao Xiao came to the clinic, he was carried by a family with a stretcher. His face was bloodless, his cheeks were sunken, and the 1 meter 7 was only 100 pounds. There is no strength to speak.

"Malignant lymphoma occurs in the neck, mediastinum, axillary lymph, groin, etc. Some patients will develop disease on the skin, such as Xiaoxiao is very rare, and the primary malignant lymphoma in the lungs, It’s even rarer, this is the first example I have encountered in years."

Almost live for a few months

Now is expected to return to campus

Perhaps, everyone is no stranger to lymphoma, Li Kaifu, Chairman and CEO of Innovation Works, Luo Jing, the famous host of CCTV News, and Li Wei, an actor who plays the TV series "Deep Rain", are all patients with malignant lymphoma.

So, what kind of disease is this, and what is the cause?

Director Zhang Weiping explained that malignant lymphoma is a blood system tumor. According to statistics, the incidence of lymphoma is much higher than that of leukemia. The current incidence rate is about 7-8/100,000, which is doubled compared with ten years ago.

"There is a lymphatic system in the human body that spreads all over the body. Lymphocytes are resistant to foreign bacterial viruses and play a defensive role. Once lymphocytes are 'be defeated' by the bacterial virus and become malignant, they may become lymphomas," she said. The current cause of lymphoma is not clear and may be related to low immune function and viral infection. In the case of Xiao Xiao, the incidence may be related to EB virus infection. At the same time, the patient itself has defects in immune function. When the onset is diagnosed, a lump of 18 cm is detected. It is estimated that the disease has been at least half a year.

Xiao Xiao’s mother talked about her son. She almost cried in the clinic. She experienced radiotherapy and chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation at a young age. So many bitter or relapsed, is there any way to save the child?

After carefully understanding the situation, Director Zhang Weiping made a suggestion: it can also be treated with PD-1 inhibitor, which is currently the most promising drug. The PD-1 inhibitor O drug has been approved by the FDA for use in 2016. Type Hodgkin's lymphoma, in March 2017, was also approved by the FDA for refractory or recurrent classic Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is approximately 70% effective in treating relapsed and refractory Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Subsequently, Zhang Weiping's team conducted a genetic test on Xiao Xiao, showing that PD-L1 is highly expressed and suitable for treatment. Therefore, Xiao Xiao's mother took Xiao Xiao to Hong Kong for PD-1 inhibitor treatment.

It is gratifying that after 6 treatments, Xiao Xiao’s mother continued to return to Zhang Weiping’s outpatient clinic with Xiao Xiao. After the review, the lung tumors were reduced from 13cm to 7cm, and there were no side effects, no food, and no strength. It is expected to be treated for 9 months and is expected to return to the campus.

Director Zhang Weiping reminded that immunotherapy has just entered the clinic in China. For Xiaoxiao, this is the last "life-saving straw", but it is not omnipotent. The worse the patient's immunity, the lower the effect, from the clinical point of view. It has good effects on liver cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, etc., but has limited effect on intestinal cancer.

How to find lymphoma early

What is the difference between it and a cold?

When the lymphoma first starts, the symptoms are very hidden, so it is described as "the most camouflaged cancer." So, how do you find out early, what is the difference between it and a cold? Director Zhang Weiping summarized the following points –

1. Fever: Lymphoma fever can be persistently high fever, or intermittent low fever. If there are two symptoms such as fever, sweating, cough, etc. within one month, and the fever is above 38 °C, the lymphoma should be considered first. .

2. Itchy skin: This is a more specific manifestation of the symptoms of early lymphoma.

3. Skeletal pain: The thoracic and lumbar spine is most often involved, followed by the femur, ribs, pelvis and skull. It is characterized by local bone pain, compression pain, pathological fractures, bone tumors and secondary nerve compression.

4. Gastrointestinal tract: malignant lymphatic lesions in the lymph nodes of the lymph nodes, most commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract, clinical manifestations of loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction and bleeding.

5. Weight loss: unexplained evil weight loss, night sweats, should pay attention


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