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Latest Charity causes from Cancer Support Angels -105968173_179814213492500_1936630886365147919_nLatest Charity causes from Cancer Support Angels -105959370_604825037110163_2039732373104117878_n

John Fuller ( pictured with his carer) of Cranbourne VIC, is recovering from Bowel Cancer. Whilst at home on his recovery Johns wish was to do his veggie garden. Yesterday the wonderful team at Cootes Quarry Products and Paul Cootes donated a few meters of soil and the fabulous Cameron Knight at Mac Cladding donated veggie seedlings and others starter packs to Cancer Support Angels so that we could fulfill this for John. Thank you so much to those involved for your generosity.
It’s generous people like this that help our charity give back to the community in so many ways. If you can help with even $5, you to could help put a smile on the faces of those with cancer that are struggling just that bit more than others… #cootesquarryproducts #helpinghand #veggiegarden #cancersupportangels #cancersucks #bowelcancer #smile #donations #donationsneeded

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