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Latest Charity causes from Jon Hess -106288836_700226180801079_7799624044490992063_nLatest Charity causes from Jon Hess -105549256_654700535114762_446874091970400619_nLatest Charity causes from Jon Hess -106497054_581849342324674_6613861503214897610_n

Look over here! Starting today, I’ll be taking cocktail orders from the menus in this post and delivering them to you fresh, cold, and ready to drink! All you have to do is make a donation of $20 or more to a social justice cause (like your local Bail Fund, your local Black Lives Matter Chapter, Justice for Elijah McClain, the Transgender Law Center, RAINN, etc.). Message me a screenshot of your donation receipt, let me know which cocktail you’d like, and we’ll work out delivery! Obviously you must be in the LA area. If I have to deliver a cocktail to New York, it might not stay cold! Really looking forward to making you some drinks and to raising money for great causes!

If you have a suggestion of a cause to donate to, tag the account or drop a link in the comments!


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