Latest Charity causes from Worldwide Waqaf Aqiqah Qurban

Latest Charity causes from Worldwide Waqaf Aqiqah Qurban -105936510_552613648767037_6409415298812040471_n

Running into our 12th year in service, we are always grateful for the generosity given by the community. Alhamdulillah, with your continued support, we are able to provide Qurban to more than 30 countries!

With the revamped brand, Worldwide Waqaf Aqiqah & Qurban strives to bring exceptional service and quality to our customers!


Cash/NETS/Cheque at our office: 5 Jln Masjid, Kembangan Court, #01-08, Singapore 418924
Bank Transfer to BNiaga Pte Ltd: OCBC Current Account 7127-6236-8001
Mailed Cheque to: BNiaga Pte Ltd (Please include your contact no.) Home/Office Collection: Contact us at 82828237

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