Laughing over the more than 3,000-kilometer "kindergarten train"


Laughing over the more than 3,000-kilometer "kindergarten train" -Laughing-over-the-more-than-3000-kilometer-quotkindergarten-trainquot

(New Year's Eve) Across the 3,000-kilometer "Kindergarten Train" all the way to laugh

China News Service, Changchun, February 4th: The "Kindergarten Train" that spans more than 3,000 kilometers is laughing all the way.

China News Service reporter Lu Shengnan

Just 25 years old

Laughing over the more than 3,000-kilometer "kindergarten train" -1549279170_885_Laughing-over-the-more-than-3000-kilometer-quotkindergarten-trainquot

Data map: The cute baby on the Spring Festival train. Ding Bo

Not yet a family, but it has been called a "mother".

She is a flight attendant. During the Spring Festival, on the Z102/101 train from Changchun to Xiamen, she often has to be a guest agent.

The train travels 3,159 kilometers, which is the only direct train that runs from the northeast to the southeast. On the eve of the Spring Festival, people who came to work in the northeast from Fujian and other places, such as migratory birds, usually rushed back to their hometowns in the South for the New Year. Trains are almost full, with children under the age of 5 accounting for 30% to 50% of the total number of passengers. Therefore, Z102/101 is also aptly called "kindergarten train".

"The train is 27 hours in total. During this period, in addition to the flight attendant's own work, I still need to look after the children in the car." On the 2nd, after the train departed, she held a red "Auspicious Pig" doll in her left hand, right hand. With a heavy toy box, I began to distribute toys for the children in the car.

"Now, I am already a ‘agent mother’.” Hao Jingjing was surrounded by a group of children and smiled very happy.

The temporary guest is not just Hao Jingjing. In the busiest days of the Spring Festival, the flight attendants of this train will use their own "eighteen martial arts" to become "agent mother" and "master father", so that the children's journey is full of singing and laughter.

The train conductor Chen Jun is the famous "master of the car" on this train. "My son went to high school this year and saw the children in the car think of my son when he was a child." Chen Jun said that toys and books are just one of the tools to attract their attention. More importantly, the staff can be patient. Communicate with the children, so parents are more assured and more comfortable.

The "Kindergarten Train" has a total of 18 compartments, equipped with bottle nipples, books and toys, and even various medicines to meet a variety of emergency situations.

After Hao Jingjing started from Changchun, every time he went to a large station in a city, he would go to each car to inspect it. "When I inspect, I have to take children's medicine cabinets and children's spare parts boxes. When necessary, I should accompany my children to read books and play with toys. When parents are busy, they will help to cook instant noodles, look after children, etc." The refined face is red, and there is a lot of sweat.

“Since the 'Kindergarten Train' has been running, I have summed up the experience and secrets of many children.” Hao Jing said with a smile, “such as diverting attention, increasing dialogue between peers, letting children marry children, etc. Wait, it’s my secret. Although I’m not married yet, this experience will definitely be used later.”

The passenger Xu Jianhe and his wife did not have a pair of children to prepare toys because they carried the goods. The long journey made the two children feel a bit boring. When Hao Jingjing came to the compartment where they were, the toy in his hand immediately caught the attention of two children.

This full toy box is filled with colorful toys. After picking and choosing for a while, the daughter took the big plane and the son picked the car.

"There are many people in the car, and the children are easy to make trouble. The flight attendants prepare toys to make them happy, and make our parents more relaxed." Xu Jian and his wife are holding a child and watching them play happily.

The train that departed on the afternoon of the 2nd arrived in Xiamen on the second night. On the morning of the 4th, the train crew of Hao Jingjing and other train crews once again set foot on the return train and returned to Changchun.

On the 4th is the 30th, she will spend on the train, this is the first time she has not been at home for the New Year. "We intend to eat dumplings on New Year's Eve, which is a unique experience."


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