Let bigamy get married and have no way to go. Ministry of Civil Affairs: speed up multi-sector information sharing


(Original title: Let the bigamy get married and have no way to go. Ministry of Civil Affairs: speed up multi-sector information sharing)

The tricks of scams and confession have made many men and women who are looking for a lover shudder. Some swindlers traveled to and from several provinces and ended up with more than a dozen marriages. Pat the butt, you can evaporate to deceive the next person.

Let bigamy get married and have no way to go. Ministry of Civil Affairs: speed up multi-sector information sharing -Let-bigamy-get-married-and-have-no-way-to-go.-Ministry-of-Civil-Affairs-speed-up-multi-sector-information-sharing

Earlier, Voice of China reported that the 24-year-old Guangxi girl Liang Shujuan received a subpoena lawsuit to know that she was “married”; and a 36-year-old man from Jiangsu had three marriages in three years and had three families. How can we get rid of the big marriage?

Marriage registration information nationwide network storage vulnerability

Bigamy, male, swindler, three women

Zhang, a 36-year-old man from Kunshan, Jiangsu, received a marriage certificate with three women in three years. What is even more incredible is that Zhang’s three families are housed in three communities within a kilometer radius. But after all, the paper couldn't hold the fire. The second "wife" Ms. Chen and the third "wife" Ms. Wang almost found Zhang's tricky.

Let bigamy get married and have no way to go. Ministry of Civil Affairs: speed up multi-sector information sharing -1549179069_23_Let-bigamy-get-married-and-have-no-way-to-go.-Ministry-of-Civil-Affairs-speed-up-multi-sector-information-sharing

Ms. Chen: "I said that I am his wife. I have received a marriage certificate with him. I said that our children have been there for more than two months. She (Ms. Ren) said that I am also his wife, we also have children, I At that time, listening to this was a smash."

Ms. Wang: "The most ridiculous thing is that they took pictures together, the T-shirt that Zhang wore, the photo he took with me when I received the certificate, the dress on the marriage certificate and my marriage certificate. It’s the same piece, exactly the same.”

After knowing the truth, in the first half of 2018, the first wife, Ms. Ren, was divorced from Zhang after the incident and was unwilling to make more entanglement. The second wife, Ms. Chen, reported the case to the police and demanded that the law severely punish Zhang. The Kunshan police in Jiangsu immediately launched an investigation and went to the Civil Affairs Bureaus in Henan and Anhui to collect Zhang’s marriage registration certificate and found that Zhang’s three marriage certificates were received in three different provinces.

Shen Bo, deputy director of the Zhonghua Park Police Station of the Kunshan Municipal Public Security Bureau: "We have taken these two certificates. The two certificates were indeed legal. The suspect was married to her first wife, Ms. Ren in July 2015. In Kunshan, the card was legal. In the absence of Ms. Ren’s dissolution of marriage, in June 2016, he received a marriage certificate with Ms. Chen in his hometown of Henan. In 2017, 6 In the month, he and Ms. Wang received the third marriage certificate from the woman’s hometown of Anhui.

Due to the loopholes in the marriage registration information of the civil affairs system between the provinces, Zhang was able to take advantage of the opportunity to bring three women into the vortex of marriage at the same time.

Not long ago, Voice of China reported that the 24-year-old Guangxi girl Liang Shujuan received a subpoena lawsuit summons to know that she was "married." It turned out that three years ago, Liang Shujuan’s identity card was lost. This lost ID card was held on June 30, 2016 with a man named Ma in the Ma Tautun Village, Long'an District, Anyang City, Henan Province. He also defrauded the other party after losing 70,000 yuan. The Public Security Bureau found the man to do a job and mobilized him to withdraw the lawsuit.


Liu Hong, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Long'an District, Anyang City, Henan Province: "Calling him to change the administrative lawsuit is to ask him to ask the Civil Affairs Bureau to revoke the administrative act of marriage registration. Because we have to revoke, we must have the judgment of the court. We can revoke. The man and the woman actually have no marriage, so they can give them an innocence."

In the past two years, because personal identity information has been stolen, fraudulent registration of marriage has led to “being married” and “heavily being married”, thus suing the marriage registration authority to the court and demanding more than a dozen cases of marriage registration cancellation.

Ministry of Civil Affairs: Marriage registration information has been nationwide

Will introduce live face recognition and fingerprint collection comparison

Combating fraud and bigamy

It is understood that in July 2012, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced that the national networking goal of marriage registration information had been achieved by the end of June of that year. Initially established a central-level marriage registration data center, 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government have established provincial-level marriage registration work network platforms and data centers, and realized online marriage registration and marriage registration information network review. Since then, the national marriage registration authority has manually completed the personal information of the marriage parties and the era of marriage registration.

However, the networking at that time was not the sharing of marriage information of all marriage parties in the country. It only realized the electronic uploading of marriage registration information from 2012, and it was only limited to the provincial administrative divisions. At present, the country has achieved network interconnection and can query marriage registration information from different places. However, due to the backwardness of economic development in some places, the soft and hard configuration of the marriage information system, network support, operation and maintenance, etc. are relatively lagging behind, which in turn affects the stability of national interconnection. In the future, how will the Ministry of Civil Affairs crack down on the phenomenon of fraud and bigamy?

Let bigamy get married and have no way to go. Ministry of Civil Affairs: speed up multi-sector information sharing -1549179070_219_Let-bigamy-get-married-and-have-no-way-to-go.-Ministry-of-Civil-Affairs-speed-up-multi-sector-information-sharing

The relevant person in charge of the Department of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said that at present, there are some shortcomings and problems in the construction of marriage registration information. According to relevant laws and regulations of China, the marriage registration of citizens can be handled in civil affairs departments, township governments, embassies and consulates abroad, and divorce can be handled in civil affairs departments and courts; according to the Law on the Application of Foreign Civil Relations Law, the divorce can also be in one party. The parties often live in the country of residence or the country of nationality; the death of a citizen's spouse can also lead to changes in marital status. Therefore, citizen marriage information is more dispersed.

In fact, the sharing of marriage information and other administrative departments has precedents in China. In April 2016, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Administration of Taxation shared the marriage registration information for real estate transaction taxes and fees. The process of marriage registration information sharing is that the taxation department issues a query request to the civil affairs department according to the identity information of the party handling the tax payment business. After the civil affairs department inquires, the taxation department returns the inquiry result, and the taxpayer no longer needs to run the broken leg to provide the certification materials.

At that time, Li Qifeng, deputy director of the Property and Behavior Tax Department of the State Administration of Taxation: “The tax policies involved are mainly two aspects: one is the seller’s personal income tax, and the other is the buyer’s deed tax. For the seller, the personal income tax regulations, the family’s only housing holding For the five-year or more tax exemption, the core of the preferential policy is to combine the number of family housing. After receiving the marriage registration information of the civil affairs department, the taxation department should combine other relevant information to determine the number of taxpayer family housing.

The tax department's demand for marriage registration information is mainly used to assist in judging whether the parties meet the relevant conditions of the tax incentives when purchasing or selling family houses. Marriage information involves the privacy of individuals. In order to ensure information security, the marriage registration information that is emphasized is limited to the taxation of real estate transactions and may not be used for other purposes.

At the time, Liu Tao, deputy director of the Department of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Civil Affairs: “When sharing information, you only need to know the name of the party and spouse, the type of identity document, the number of the identity document, the time of marriage registration, the type of marriage registration (marriage, divorce, reissue). The information on the marriage certificate, the reissuance of the divorce certificate, the revocation of the coerced marriage registration information, the name of the marriage registration authority, and the information outside the list are no longer available."

Let bigamy get married and have no way to go. Ministry of Civil Affairs: speed up multi-sector information sharing -1549179070_494_Let-bigamy-get-married-and-have-no-way-to-go.-Ministry-of-Civil-Affairs-speed-up-multi-sector-information-sharing

In response to the current phenomenon of fraudulent marriage and divorce in some places, the Ministry of Civil Affairs' Social Affairs Department responded that it will speed up the promotion of the national marriage registration information system, strengthen the system management and operation responsibility, improve the stability of network interconnection, and accelerate the court and diplomacy. Information sharing by ministries, public security and other departments, promote the registration of historical archives of existing marriage registration data, and improve the database of marriage registration information.

In the hardware, it guides the marriage registration authorities at all levels to introduce on-site face recognition, fingerprint collection comparison, ID card reader and other technical equipment to improve the accuracy of the marriage party's personal information comparison. In the personnel training, improve the screening ability of the staff. At the same time, the civil affairs department will cooperate with relevant departments to increase the crackdown on suspected illegal crimes. We will build a pattern of credit discipline that “one is untrustworthy and limited everywhere” and increase the joint punishment of parties who are seriously distrustful of marriage registration. Actively take measures to reduce the occurrence of bigamy and fraud.


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