Li Xinxing, the daughter of Li Zhimin, died in Beijing at the age of 71


Li Xinxing, the daughter of Li Zhimin, died in Beijing at the age of 71 -Li-Xinxing-the-daughter-of-Li-Zhimin-died-in-Beijing-at-the-age-of-71

Li Xinxing (left) photo of the birth of this article

Li Xinxing, the daughter of Li Zhimin, died in Beijing at the age of 71 -1546613532_721_Li-Xinxing-the-daughter-of-Li-Zhimin-died-in-Beijing-at-the-age-of-71

Li Xinxing (first from left) photo of his birth

Li Xinxing, the daughter of Li Zhimin, died in Beijing at the age of 71 -1546613533_970_Li-Xinxing-the-daughter-of-Li-Zhimin-died-in-Beijing-at-the-age-of-71

At the memorial service on January 2, relatives sent wreaths to mourn.

Li Xinxing, the daughter of Li Zhimin, died in Beijing at the age of 71 -1546613533_674_Li-Xinxing-the-daughter-of-Li-Zhimin-died-in-Beijing-at-the-age-of-71

At the memorial service on January 2, friends and family sent wreaths to mourn. On December 31, 2018, Li Xinxing, the daughter of the founding general of Li Zhimin and the former director of the old cadre of the General Staff Department, died in Beijing at the age of 71.

On April 4, 1947, Li Xinxing was born in the bonfire of the Revolutionary War. She moved to the north and south with her father since childhood, and Bao Xin, Qingfeng, Shijiazhuang, Chayu, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Ningxia and other places have left the footprint of Li Xinxing.

From 1954 to 1968, Li Xinxing studied at the Bayi School in Beijing, the Military Medical School of the Jinan Military Region, and joined the Communist Party of China. After graduation, she became a military doctor at the 91st Hospital of Zhangzhou, Shandong. Later, he served as a physician in the General Hospital of the Beijing Military Region, a pathologist at Bethune International Peace Hospital, an attending physician in the Department of Pathology of the Naval General Hospital, and a post of a member of the Navy Logistics Department.

Since December 1990, Li Xinxing has been transferred to the former General Staff Department. He has served as the former director of the old cadre of the Political Department of the General Political Department, the former General Directorate of the Arctic Temple, and the former Deputy Director of the Arctic Temple Rest Office. Political officer at the level. During the work of the former General Staff, Li Xinxing organized the establishment of the old cadre club of the former General Political Department. She led her colleagues from the site selection of the infrastructure, staring at the moon, diligent and diligent, carrying out a variety of cultural activities, creating a rich spirit for the retired veteran cadres. A warm home for cultural life.

At work, Li Xinxing adheres to principles, diligence, and hard work. She resolutely implements the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and the military organs in which it operates, and consciously maintains a high degree of unity with the Party Central Committee in political ideological actions. She is diligent in learning, good at thinking, earnestly studying the party's theory, line, principles and policies, cultivating business knowledge, dare to speak out in her work, and dare to fight against bad tendencies and bad habits.

In 1998, Li Xinxing was found to have cancer and retired from work. While actively cooperating with the treatment, she persisted in caring about the party and national affairs, insisted on reading books and reading newspapers, and enthusiastically participated in social welfare undertakings, especially the red cultural heritage. She has initiated the organization of the Red Three Legion Friendship Association to participate in the oral history of Jinggangshan children.

Li Xinxing’s father, Li Zhimin, once served as the commander of the General Choir. In 2008, she was the main initiator. She and Chen Yi, the son of Marshal Chen Yi, and Nie Li, the daughter of Marshal Nie Rongzhen, organized the establishment of a general choir of the generals to sing the fathers and heroes and sing dear. The motherland, singing the industrious Chinese people, singing the heroic people's army, singing the great Chinese Communist Party, and inheriting the patriotic spirit of the revolutionary predecessors. In the past ten years, the general choir of the generals sang red classic songs throughout the country.

In 2010, Li Xinxing, as the main sponsor and organizer, held a large-scale condolence performance to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Anti-US Aid Korea, and won the instructions and congratulations from the leaders of the Central Military Commission, which aroused strong repercussions from all walks of life.

Li Xinxing struggled with cancer for nearly 20 years before his death and was known as an anti-cancer hero. In the 71 years of life, Li Xinxing has never forgotten the ancestors' legacy, diligent and dedicated, dare to take responsibility, selfless dedication, fair and decent, strict self-discipline, courteous, and a pioneer of a Communist Party member. Model role.

(The original title is “The death of Li Xinmin, the daughter of the founding general Li Xinxing, who was involved in the creation of the general chorus of the generals”)


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