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May 12, 2019, 03:10 Source: Beijing NewsLippi can open a prescription for a doctor's foot, but can't catch a drug - China News -1 Participate in interaction

Lippi can open a prescription for the doctor’s foot, but can’t catch the medicine.

●The Analects

Lippi’s coaching of the national football team will be an established fact. Compared with the first time, Lippi’s “Second Palace” has been questioned more. In the past, many Chinese fans thought that there would be a “magic wand” in the hands of the world’s marshals, but no one would think so now. The last Lippi was still “half-man and half-god”, and this time it was completely public.

This is not to deny the professionalism of Lippi. Italy is lazy in life, but regards football as a “science.” Many foreign aids who have just arrived in Serie A complain about endless tactical classes and super-sports training. Italians usually treat a football game like “war.” Even small teams have extremely strict tactical discipline. It is no exaggeration to say that Italian low-level leagues often have tactical masters. Mourinho once said that he is eager to coach in Italy because he can play with different styles of coaches. Lippi knows how to bring a weak team. His career is very comprehensive. He is a giant like Juventus and the Italian national team. He also has a team C and a youth team. Lippi coached the Chinese team once, and he should be very clear about the strength of this team.

However, even the doctors who are smart can’t cure the disease. Lippi must know what the Chinese team should eat. How to get these medicines is a big problem. Trapattoni has said that a great coach can improve the team’s 10% combat effectiveness. Trapattoni said this in the 1980s, and now the role of football coaches may be even greater. Football is like a “war” in the “cold weapon”. The intelligence and mental power of the commander often play a big role. But this role is not decisive, and the decisive ones are “arms” and “arms.” There are many battles in the history of football that are “weak and strong”, but it is both “weak and strong”, which means that it is rare.

If the Chinese team wants to score in the World Cup or make a difference in the Asian Cup, in addition to Lippi’s magical calculations, it is more important to see what cards are in hand. The naturalized players who have been hot this season are a good way for the Chinese team to improve their combat strength in the short term. Many countries have succeeded through this shortcut, such as the Asian Cup new champion Qatar. In the current Chinese league, among the players who have been naturalized or may be naturalized, it may be that the national security team’s Li Ke is eligible for the national team. Li Ke has already demonstrated a good strength in the league. His ability to confront and his understanding of football is higher than most of the midfielders in the national football team. If Lippi’s team has two or three “Lee” in different positions, the combat effectiveness of the entire team will be greatly improved. However, other naturalized or possibly naturalized players have not shown such strength as Li Ke, such as Hou Yongyong, Browning, and Robert Xiao are also required to prove that they deserve the national team shirt.

Naturalized “pure foreign aid” is also a suggestion made by many people, such as Elkson and Fernando, who have been playing in the Chinese league for many years. If such a player is selected, it can indeed revitalize the frontcourt of the national football. However, there are still many problems to be solved for such players to enter the national team. The national team is not a club team. Changing the nationality requires players to comply with relevant regulations. Even if this is over, the procedures at FIFA are rather cumbersome.

In addition to the naturalization of the players, the Lippi team also has a move, that is, “lower grassroots” in the middle and lower reaches of the team or low-level teams to find newcomers. It’s just that China is not Italy, and we can’t hide so many masters with our football.

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