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Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology,Chinese Acadamyof Sciencereported that a joint team of ammonites, snails, arthropods and other fossil cluster stored in a Burmese amber, amber indicates that the tropical forest is located in the waterfront area, today’s environment is similar to some tropical coastal forests.The study provides direct evidence for the age of amber in Myanmar and provides new insights into amber burial and Cretaceous forest ecological environment analysis.The relevant results were published online on May 14th in theProceedings of theNationalAcademy of Sciences(PNAS).

It is reported that the amber preserves an unusually rich fossil group, including one ammonite, four snails, four isopods, 23 aphids, one spider, one horse land and at least 12 insect adult specimens. , beetles, crickets and bees). The research team included taxonomy scholars such as ammonite, gastropods, arachnids and insect fossils. The fossils were evaluated in detail over the past two years. Studies have found that ammonite, snails and one is a marine organism, and other arthropods belong to the terrestrial group.

Among them, ammonite is a kind of cephalopod that lives in the Devonian to Cretaceous. It is a close relative of the current Nautilus and squid, and disappeared from the earth when it was extinct at the end of the Cretaceous. The research team used high-resolution micro-tomography (micro-CT) to analyze the ammonite in the amber, indicating that the ammonite is a larval specimen belonging to the subgenus Puzosia. The time limit for the distribution of this ammonite group was from the late Albie period to the Seynman period (about 105 to 93 million years ago), further supporting the results of previous isotope geochronology studies. Two of the four snails preserved in amber are well preserved and belong to the Mathilda group, which is widely distributed in the Tethys region (mainly North America and Europe).

Wang Bo, a researcher at the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the ammonite and snail soft bodies in amber have been lost and the shells have been damaged, indicating that these shells have undergone some handling before being wrapped in amber. The ammonite is filled with fine sand, and the amber body is also wrapped with similar sand, indicating that the ammon may be wrapped in resin on the beach or near the beach. As a result, snails and ammonites have died before being wrapped and carried by the waves to the shore, mixed with some living organisms and sand.

The research team integrated the results of fossil biota and burial analysis and made the following inference: Burmese amber forest grows on the beachfront, close to the beach; after resin is secreted, some arboreal insects are wrapped on the trunk and then flow along the trunk to the ground. It was then wrapped with some animals of ammonite, snails and terrestrial; this resin was quickly buried and experienced a complex geological formation of amber. (Shen Chunlei Chen Xiaozheng)

Related paper information: doi: 10.1073/pnas.1821292116

Marine animal ammonite first discovered in amber - News - Science Times -2019514211216595

Figure 1: Amber specimen.

Marine animal ammonite first discovered in amber - News - Science Times -2019514211234127

Figure 2: Ammonite specimens. (A) Photomicrograph of the optical microscope. (B) Micro CT suture reconstruction map. (C) A side perspective view of the micro-CT. (D) Microscopic CT surface morphology reconstruction map. (E) Micro-CT internal structure reconstruction map.

Marine animal ammonite first discovered in amber - News - Science Times -201951421135783

Figure 3: Snail specimens.

Marine animal ammonite first discovered in amber - News - Science Times -201951421134549

Figure 4: Geological map (A) and paleogeographic map (B) of the Myanmar amber mine.

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