Married, unmarried must pay attention! These acts have been joined by national ministries


In order to get a preferential mortgage rate

Someone spent 80 yuan to do a fake divorce certificate.

In order to obtain higher compensation in the demolition

Someone is married to a stranger who is not familiar with lightning.


just now

These “routines” will be jointly rectified by 31 national ministries.

31 national ministries and commissions including the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issuedMemorandum of Cooperation on Joint Disciplinary Actions against Seriously Untrustworthy Parties in Marriage Registration It is proposed to increase the punishment for serious dishonesty in the field of marriage registration.

Married, unmarried must pay attention! These acts have been joined by national ministries -Married-unmarried-must-pay-attention-These-acts-have-been-joined-by-national-ministries

This also means falsifying marriage certificates, divorce certificates and other documents, or with forged documents for marriage and divorce.Will be at Apply for national public officials, serve as financial institution executives, and apply for loans and subsidies. Other aspects are severely restricted.

What behaviors are unrelated to marriage registration?

The memo issued this time shows thatJoint disciplinary object is a serious breach of trust in marriage registration . If the party has one of the following acts, the Ministry of Civil Affairs shall include a list of serious letters of loss:

(1) using counterfeit, altered or fraudulent use of other people's identity documents, household registration books, no spouse certificates and other documents and supporting materials;

(2) making a false statement that there is no spouse, no immediate family relationship, no blood relatives within three generations;

(3) Deliberately concealing the other party's non-civil capacity or restricting the capacity of civil conduct and seriously damaging the legitimate rights and interests of the other party;

(4) Other serious violations of the Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China and the Marriage Registration Regulations.

Married, unmarried must pay attention! These acts have been joined by national ministries -1548599599_906_Married-unmarried-must-pay-attention-These-acts-have-been-joined-by-national-ministries

Data map

What punishment will these people receive?

It is worth noting that31 ministries will cooperate with each other to implement information sharing . The Ministry of Civil Affairs is based on the National Marriage Registration Credit Information Platform to establish a list of serious letters of loss. The Supreme People's Court, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Health Planning Commission will assist in the sharing of information.

Seriously untrustworthy parties to marriage registration will be subject to14 punishment measures , which mainly includes:

Restricted recruitment (hiring) as a national public official

Restricted registration as the legal representative of a business unit

Restrict the directors, supervisors and senior managers of securities companies, fund management companies, futures companies, financing guarantee companies or financial institutions and certification bodies

Restricted to be the legal representative of a state-owned enterprise, director, supervisor, senior management

A cautious reference will be provided when applying for a credit loan

Limit the honor of participating in moral model

In addition, untrustworthy parties are also subject to restrictions on industry evaluation, application for customs certification and government procurement qualifications, and application for subsidy funding.

Know more: "fake divorce" has legal risks

However, in real life, it is not common to rely on fraudulent marriages. On the contrary, there are many cases in which the divorce certificates are used to evade loans and buy houses.Through "fake divorce" and "fake marriage" to take advantage of the benefits, It is possible to face the dilemma of fake dramas and people and money.

Married, unmarried must pay attention! These acts have been joined by national ministries -1548599599_450_Married-unmarried-must-pay-attention-These-acts-have-been-joined-by-national-ministries

In recent years, there have been countless cases of fake divorce and fake marriages.

According to the Modern Express, in 2013, the High Court of Jiangsu Province issued a report on the impact of the “New Five Articles” on the work of the court and countermeasures. For the act of discovering false divorce, signing yin and yang contracts, borrowing a house to buy a house, illegally purchasing a safe house, etc., accurately determine the true trading relationship and judge according to law.

In the case of signing an agreement through a false divorce, it is agreed that the house is owned by one of the spouses. If the other party later makes a false return and is unable to remarriage and claims that the agreement is invalid, it will not be supported except that it can prove the coercion or fraud.

Regarding the “Supplemental Agreement” signed by both parties to the fake divorce, the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court suggested that it is not feasible to evade the risk of “false divorce” by signing a supplementary agreement, and the court will not adopt such a private agreement. Hu Xinhua, a judge of the Second People's Court of the Third Intermediate People's Court in Beijing, said:

“There is no legal sham divorce, and divorce is a divorce.”

Hu Xinhua said that in the past, many couples who bought a house for "fake divorce" went back to the court after repenting. However, according to the law, once a personal relationship is formed and has legal effect, it will not be revoked. Even if the husband and wife agreed on a "fake divorce", the two have received a divorce certificate, or the court has made a divorce judgment, which is a true divorce from a factual and legal perspective.

Even if the husband and wife signed a "fake divorce" agreement at the time of divorce, the court would not adopt it. "The agreement is only known to the husband and wife, and it is not legally recognized and does not have legal effect."

Married, unmarried must pay attention! These acts have been joined by national ministries -Married-unmarried-must-pay-attention-These-acts-have-been-joined-by-national-ministries

Marriage should be a sacred and solemn promise

But now many people are in front of the immediate economic interests.

Do not hesitate to falsify in marriage

May everyone be honest with each other in the face of marriage.

Hold the hand, and the old man

(Source: National Development and Reform Commission official website, Xinhua News Agency, Daily Economic News, CCTV Finance)


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