Media: The minister came to catch one thing, why some places have been “unaware” for a long time

A few days ago, Huang Runqiu, Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, adopted the “four nos and two straights” approach, and went to many places to investigate the prevention and control of air and water pollution. Many outstanding problems were found, and relevant rectifications were carried out immediately in the places involved.

Speaking of which, this is not the first time the minister has “caught the current situation”. In March 2021, Huang Runqiu went straight to the problem spot, exposing several iron and steel enterprises in a certain place that had failed to implement emission reduction requirements, falsified production records, and leaked information. In February and June of this year, he went to many places to conduct surprise inspections, and found violations of laws and regulations such as excessive discharge of pollutants, falsification of monitoring data, and falsification of production accounts.

Media: The minister came to catch one thing, why some places have been "unaware" for a long time -Media-The-minister-came-to-catch-one-thing-why-some

In August, Huang Runqiu conducted research in Hunan.Source: Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Hard-core inspectors who do not say hello, go deep into the scene, dare to grasp and manage, and move hard, have also become an important thrust for prompt rectification in various places.

In all fairness, the problems caught by the Minister are not deeply hidden, such as direct sewage discharge, ditch pollution, etc. It is not difficult to find them on the spot. But why have some places been “ignorant” for a long time?

In particular, many issues have been named many times by the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group. For example, an energy and chemical base in a certain place has a lot of “criminal records” in terms of illegal sewage discharge. It is reasonable to say that the situation of inspectors fed back to various places is not unclear, but it can be changed over and over again, and it is still the same. Where is the problem?

Sorting out the reasons is actually quite complicated.

On the surface, it seems that the enterprise is greedy for profit and acts recklessly. Some enterprises and environmental protection departments “hide and seek”. As soon as the inspection team left, the enterprises continued to produce;

On a deeper level, the stubborn disease is hard to get rid of, and there is still a deviation in the specific implementation level. Or it is at the expense of the public and private interests, and the competent industry authorities secretly negotiated with illegal enterprises. They should have been “protectors” of the ecological environment, but they have degenerated into “pollution sources” that destroy the ecological environment; They turn a blind eye, and even go against the grain of the central environmental protection inspection team to “pave the way” for illegal enterprises; Some enterprises have also become more confident and intensified.

There is no substitute for the ecological environment, and it is difficult to survive without realizing it. In the face of various problems hidden in the construction of ecological civilization, we cannot always wait for “ministers to grasp the current situation”. It is very important to improve the sense of mission, responsibility and urgency in all aspects. Especially in terms of supervision, we should not “relax and tighten for a while”, and we should not be careless and careless.

Of course, considering the limited administrative power, it is also advisable to make more use of technical means to improve the efficiency of supervision, such as using satellite remote sensing, video surveillance, big data analysis and other environmental “clairvoyance” and “following ears” to detect and keep an eye on pollution sources in a timely manner. Resolutely show a “zero tolerance” attitude, and the filing of the case, the punishment of the punishment, and the exposure of the exposure can only form an effective deterrent if it really hits the pain points of the violators.

It is worth mentioning that each case has somewhat exposed some problems such as the low level of industrialization of some enterprises and the inadequacy of transformation and upgrading. Actively assisting these enterprises, guiding them on the path of high-quality development, and completely eradicating the root cause of pollution is also a necessary move that will benefit in the long run.

If you really hit hard, you don’t have to worry about “the ministers are not enough”.

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