Ministry of Commerce: Actively respond to rain, snow and freezing weather to ensure market supply of daily necessities during the Spring Festival

The reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce that in response to low temperatures, rain, snow, and freezing weather, commercial departments at all levels in Hunan Province responded quickly and actively, focusing on daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, vegetables, and eggs, and making comprehensive arrangements for life in low-temperature, rain, snow, and freezing weather. Emergency supply of necessities. At present, Hunan Province has abundant daily necessities such as vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and milk, and business activities are stable and orderly. Major supermarkets have made arrangements in advance, paid close attention to market changes, and replenished the supply of hot-selling commodities in a timely manner. In order to cope with the inconvenience of traveling in rainy and snowy weather, large supermarkets in the province have opened online sales channels and increased online sales and distribution staff to provide residents with high-quality services of “delivery to their homes without leaving home”.

In Suzhou City, Anhui Province, the local Ministry of Commerce actively cooperates with emergency, meteorological, transportation and other departments to keep abreast of the latest weather conditions, guide key supply companies, expand purchase channels, increase supply organization, and ensure market supply. On February 3, the top 100 agricultural product wholesale markets in Suzhou stocked more than 20,000 tons of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and oils, with more than 1,500 tons of vegetables entering the market every day. The daily volume increased by 20% compared with usual. In addition, starting from February 2, Suzhou City has launched a daily monitoring system for key supply-guaranteed enterprises and a reporting system for abnormal situations in counties and districts to conduct daily dispatching of key enterprises’ daily inventory, price fluctuations, logistics channels, etc.

In Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, in order to ensure the supply of Yinchuan meat and vegetable markets during the 2024 Spring Festival, maintain the stability of meat and vegetable prices in the city, and effectively protect people’s livelihood, the local government decided to release 10,093.77 tons of reserved and regulated meat and vegetables in the three districts of the city during the 2024 Spring Festival. . Among them, 93.77 tons of meat and the quantity of frozen meat reserved by the government were put in, and 10,000 tons of vegetables and the quantity of vegetables reserved by the government were put in. The reserve-controlled meat and vegetables released this time are sold to individual residents and are not sold to catering companies and collective catering units.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Commerce that various departments of the Ministry of Commerce will focus on strengthening monitoring and early warning to make response preparations; strengthen supply organization to ensure adequate inventory; release reserves in a timely manner to increase market supply; optimize convenient services and smooth terminal distribution; conduct in-depth investigation of hidden dangers and create a The safety environment and other aspects will ensure the market supply of daily necessities during the Spring Festival.

In addition, according to monitoring by the Ministry of Commerce, the overall supply of daily necessities across the country is sufficient and prices are stable. Recently, the stocks of grain, oil, meat and eggs in large supermarkets in 36 large and medium-sized cities across the country have increased by 10-20% compared with the beginning of January; the prices of vegetables and pork in 200 large agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets across the country have increased slightly compared with the beginning of January, but compared with the same period last year There has been a decline, and the prices of other varieties are generally stable.

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