Mother's Day, in addition to sending blessings, we must help “unpacking” –

Mother’s Day, in addition to sending blessings, we must help “unpacking”

Yangcheng Evening News Yao Qi

“5·12” coincides with Mother’s Day, and the major media have routinely expressed their praises to their mothers. However, there are also survey reports that after women become mothers, because of life pressure, “workplace fighting spirit” is much stronger than unmarried women. At the same time, the second half of women’s life is often stipulated by the family, and the responsibility of being a wife, a mother, and a person is like putting yourself in a cover and finally not having oneself.

Great adjectives can be given to mothers, which in turn can become a kind of “ban.” Observing many families, regardless of whether the father has time and mind to care for the children, the mother is always the most stable “first responsible person” to take care of the children. From the beginning of pregnancy, to the fall of the baby, to the children, primary school, and adolescence, the daily living, homework, and thoughts of the child occupy the most important position in the mother’s heart. This kind of strong blood adhesion is difficult for other family members to compare and persist.

However, in today’s increasingly liberalized personality, women in the city are increasingly skeptical about their role as mothers. Because of the huge differences in roles and commitments before and after others become mothers, many women will gradually develop some resistance to marriage and childbirth. Coupled with price pressures, promotion pressures and social pressure, many young women are reluctant to move towards marriage. In some women’s subconscious, as long as they don’t get married or get married, they can maintain value and have more life options.

If more and more women are afraid of being a mother and worry that being a mother is a “set-up”, then we need to review all aspects of our society and women’s welfare. For example, because there is no need for a safe nursery school, and no elderly people can rely on it, many women may choose not to have children. For example, Chaoyang enterprises have a strong overtime culture. This kind of corporate culture maximizes the use of human capital, which may exclude employees’ private lives, and may lack care for women to nurture the next generation, and even implicitly marginalize women in marriage and childbirth.

Today, we are facing a significant decline in the society and the trend of aging and the number of single women associated with it, the decline in the marriage rate, the decrease in the number of mothers and the low birth rate of the two children. To promote the vitality of the social population, the role of the mother is fundamental. Therefore, for the mother to “solution”, both from the spiritual level, but also from the actual welfare.

Whether it is government policy, corporate system or universal welfare, it should give substantial encouragement, protection and love to potential mothers and real mothers. There is only one folk festival and blessing, far from being able to cope with the cruelty of reality. It is necessary for the society to introduce systematic supporting measures at the legislative level. From pregnancy to child-rearing, early education to early childhood education, and changes in welfare from child sick leave to exam companion, it is possible to reduce the fear of unmarried women and bring more mothers more. The reality is relieved.

Yao Qi

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